questionsdo you primarily use the current rank or popular…


I usually check Fresh->Most Recent. When I do check what's at the top, it's Top->Current Rank.


@jumbowoot: Thanks! However, these were all posted nearly a year ago. I remember reading through them then.

Stuff has changed quite a bit in the past year, such as the adjustment of where deals appear because of tags. I'm wondering, after 11 months, if the Popular Flow tab is actually getting any use, and reasons whether it's liked or not.


@dmaz: I did that for anyone who wasn't around when we made the change. Those links contain discussions about the differences between Current Rank and Popular Flow.


I use the Popular & Fresh - Fresh first always. Habit and want to see what is new.


@jumbowoot: Ah yeah...sorry, I do need to remember the new members of the community as well :)

Anyway, since I've got you here, and it's related to the topic, would you mind answering in some way the question that's been on all our minds, recently?

Directly asked by @gmwhit, here:

We're dying to know which tags will result in the deal being removed from the Current Rank list, in addition to "free" and things related to underwear, I suppose.

Is there any reason for their removal, other than there not being as much potential for you guys as a host to make money off it? We love our freebies!

Chanks a bunch :)


I do the fresh newest deals first, then the fresh most votes one next.


Popular Flow. Just like it better.


Current rank. I'm not one to go with the flow.


@dmaz: Many thanks to you. You're so very kind & thoughtful to mention it. I officially owe you. ;-)

Re: Your question - I only use Fresh and (then) Most Votes. The others are not useful to me at all. I do believe I may have stated that in some of jumbowoot's link. IIRC I had a 'discussion' w/snapster about 1 of them. Don't remember which one - but frankly said they seem to be for internal deals.woot tracking & stats. Have little/no value for me as a member/user. IOW, they could/should be hidden from our view. It, to me, is a 'who cares?' MHO only. Do use & like the tab for individual users. Most tabs could disappear & I wouldn't notice. Would leave room for more important things like FAQs. ;-)


Ummmm, neither of the two. I'm a Fresh guy. I haven't figured out yet what in the crap those other tabs have to do with me.


I use the popular flow tab because it is in chronological order from the time they were made popular so I can make sure I've seen all the good deals, and not look at the same deals over and over. Once I see a deal I recognize, I know that's where I started looking the last time. Current rank is nice to see what is really popular but I feel like you miss a lot of deals if that is all you use.


I use the fresh tab most of the time, both for questions and deals.

However, when I've been away for deals for a while (more than a few hours), I usually take a look at the first page or two on the top tab to see what's cooking.


Since current rank is on the homepage it's not really a fair comparison, but I've been trying to come up with ways to compare usage of both algorithms.

The best I've come up with so far is to compare page 2 of current rank with page 1 of popular flow. In that comparison, current rank is used 25.49 times more than popular flow.


@dmaz: "Anyway, since I've got you here, and it's related to the topic, would you mind answering in some way the question that's been on all our minds, recently?"

You didn't really think he was going to respond, did you? ;-)

Nice try but they will always have their secrets and since we have asked this question more than once with no official reply it appears they intend this to remain secret.


@ohcheri: Haha, was kind of a shot in the dark as I pretty much expected that he would suddenly disappear after that question :)