questionswould you please help me on sansa and lego gift…


I was amazed to see a Lego Batman choice when I was making tags. I would think a six year old boy would like that.

Please note that I do not know these children, other than by reference.

I'll be interested to see any suggestions on the Legos, but the Sansa thing is where I need the most help.


If there is a possibility that he is going to watch any video or likes to see the songs display (on a larger screen), then a Fuze sounds like it would be perfect.

If he favors a small MP3 player that is not as noticeable and won't do anything but pretty much listen to music, a Clip+ would be nice. Make sure you get the Clip+ because it has expandable storage via micro sd (the Fuze also has expandable storage).

Personally, I like the Fuze better, but that's just me.

How much music does he have?


@hackman2007: I don't know what music he has. I just know "would like something that plays music; not an iPod, please" and that's it. Good thing to know about "Clip+" though. I have micro SD cards just sitting around, doing nothing. I could easily enclose one.

Fuse is for video? It would make more sense to go for the not-Fuse choices, if that's so. I don't think there was a desire to play video.

[Edit] Just saw your response. I'm noticing that the link to the Sansa in my description is for one rated only 3.6 stars. Is there one in particular you recommend? How's the Fuse I linked to?


@shrdlu: Yeah, the Fuze screen is small, but still semi-watchable. The reason I ask how much music he has is, 4GB can easily be eaten up and if he has a ton of music, that may be an issue. Otherwise, Clip+ sounds like a good choice.


I have three 2g sansa clips. I use one for exercising, I keep one in the car hooked to my stereo, and I have one in the living room to hook up to my sound system when I am having guests. Each has an entirely different selection of music. The one I use for exercising has been all over the world clipped to my clothes. To me, the small size of these is a primary value. I also know the small sansa clips are extremely durable. I stumbled over a discussion thread on my fitness website once where people were talking about how many times their sansa clip had been accidentally put through the washer and dryer clipped to their clothing. One guy said at least 40X! And all of them were still working. So I would say the more active the kid, the more portable and durable the device needs to be.


Both of these deals are good prices on Sansa. The 1st one I listed is from a trusted, major retailer and has free shipping.

BTW, both these deals are double the capacity of the Amazon fuze deal you linked to and a lower price.


Here's one from Amazon.:

If you do a search and click on: Shipping Option (What's this?)
Free Super Saver Shipping
you can find even more to choose from.


Def go with the Sansa Clip+. It's super easy to load music onto it via drag and drop in Windows. You don't need any special software or music format. I have three Clips+; 1 I use at the gym, 1 travels back and forth to work on the commute, and 1 is a back up (and I have yet to have needed it).
I previously owned an 8GB that died. I lost all the music I had stored on it. So now I own all 4GBs. I store all of my music on the SD card so when it putters out I have lost nothing. I have an 8GB card in all three of mine and don't have any song selection/storage issues. I must admit that I do not have my entire music library available to me at all times but that is fine because getting musing on and off the device is SO EASY!


As far as limiting the search to Amazon deals, here's how to do that. After searching the item, you have to select a department, this enables you to use more refining. On the left side, you can scroll down and there's a "seller" field. Click on "see more" at the bottom of this field, then select "" from the alphabetical list. This should display only items sold by Amazon proper.


I'm probably stating the obvious, but the Clip has (duh) a clip to connect to clothing. The Fuze does not, so you would have to purchase an arm band or something like that.

I have a Clip+ 4GB. I love it. Wouldn't buy any other music player.


For the Legos I'd either do a tub of bricks, so he can just use his imagination or something like this


I noticed your link to the Sansa Clip+ is for a ZIP. I have Sansa clips and Sansa clip+s and l-o-v-e them. I haven't heard as good things about the Zips, though. Just a heads-up, though I don't have any experience with them.


Okay, here's where I stand so far. Yes clip, no fuse, no zip, on the Sansa. No need (but thanks very much for the thought) on extra micro SDs, since I have several (and need zero of them; the compulsive shopper thing strikes now and then). Yes Legos big bucket.

Looks like a trip to Target and then perhaps Best Buy. Everyone have a moment of pity for me; it's 27 F, and that's probably as warm as it's going to be, today. The fog has cleared to about five miles of visibility (earlier, it was perhaps two, and I still went grocery shopping). At least the fog and low temp will keep people home. I hope.


Sansa Clips are awesome. They are very reliable and have a very long battery life.


I personally wouldn't hesitate ordering that item sold by BlueProton that you posted. I have ordered from other merchants through Amazon many times and I have never had a problem. In addition, BlueProton has a very high rating and the item is fulfilled by Amazon anyway so they will be the ones handling and shipping the item.


I prefer the Fuze. I like the physical operation of the device, the color display, longer battery life (almost double the clip), and the fact that you can play music by folder (Clip only allows by artist, title, album, playlist, etc.). The file structure is also very intuitive.

You can't go wrong with either one, though. Both devices are excellent, and I always have one of each available.


@drjing: I appreciate this answer. After looking at the Sandisk offerings, in person (yesterday), I was shocked to realize how very small the Clip was. In addition, I've heard troubling things about the Zip version and stability, and that's the only current offering (the link on Amazon is for an older Sandisk Clip, which makes me feel that it would be an unkind gift).

I will return today (in more freezing temps and more fog) and acquire the Fuze, which seems a more appropriate physical size for a teenager.


For those still following along, I have a fine selection of Legos. I had the assistance of a borrowed six year old (and he was already wound up like a top over the excitement of discussing Legos). If you aren't in the know, "Ninjago" Legos are the coolest possible thing you could have under your tree. I bought two small ones, including the ever important "Venomari Shrine" (here's the full selection:

I also have a Mobile Police Unit and a Space Shuttle (Target still has the Lego City promotion of buy one, get one 50% off).

Thanks again to everyone, for all your help.

[Edit] Silly sites with silly flash. Here's a more useful link:


I'm taking advantage of this question to poke you two.

I'm worried about you guys, and am hoping that this will reach you both. I've sent an email to @dosquatch recently, and one to @loubriccant a week or two ago.

I'll give this a day or two, and then I'm just going to be sad. Sometimes no news is not good news. :-(



@shrdlu: Hiya shrewdlu! I just responded to your email.