questionswill you be watching the seven minutes of terror?


Yes, I will !

Will watch it via Roku XD/s and LG 55" TV.

It will be landing about 1:30am according to NASA.

Can't wait to see the "Green Men"


Yep. I'm using the Eyes On The Solar System app from NASA, and I'll turn on NASA-TV around midnight.

edit: It's not 11:30EST. I'm seeing 1:47 until Cruise Stage separation, and just over 2 hours until landing. That would put the landing at 1:30 Eastern.


The landing process seems overly complicated to me. If it works the way they show in the simulation that will be some impressive engineering. I'll be watching to see if NASA can pull it off especially with all the hype.


I read the article today...very impressive if they can stick the landing. I'll be in bed when it happens, so I'll find out in the morning.


I remember as a kid watching the THUNDERBIRDS! and all of this jet propulsion stuff seems very familar,,,,


Checking in on the Bad Astronomer's Virtual Landing Party on Google Hangout occasionally


I'm glad they gave an option to stream this online and didn't bastardize it by giving it to some network so they could ruin it with commercial breaks.

I'm on the edge of my seat!


I was surprised at how stressed I got in the last couple of minutes


@capguncowboy: "... ruin it with commercial breaks"

Or a time delay


@rprebel: great to see (and read in Tweets) people explode with science related happiness.


That was awesome! was a great tool for seeing what's supposed to happen in real time.


It was quite impressive, especially the rate at which the altitude was droping for a few minutes after entry.

I also found it interesting that most of the women in blue were quite attractive, as were many of the guys.


And as several people have mentioned, I think that most of us were able to follow what was going on via the livestream even though this was quite a bit more complicated than the opening ceremony of the Olympics. (Yes, I've been very pissed at NBC ever since I learned that their reason for not streaming the opening ceremony was basically, "it is too complicated for people to understand.")


@baqui63: In all fairness to NBC, most of our country really is too stupid... haven't you been outside lately? Stupid people are ruining America!


.... work blocked it ....

Well, surely this won't be a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch ... :'( Well... I guess I will just catch the next live landing of a rover on a planet 30+ million miles away.. but, glad to hear it was awesome.
When I get home, maybe I can watch some re-runs, because that never gets old. Meh..... MEH!



I have no problem with NBC putting together an editted, commentated (is that even a word?) and delayed version of the opening ceremony for the people who can only watch TV during prime time and need the the chopped up video and annoying gibberish from the talking heads.

My complaint is that by not offering a livestream, NBC chose to treat all of us (including you and I) as part of the stupid people.


I will not. I'll check out the deals discussion board and see what happened.

Great to see Mars!