questionshave you seen google's new product: google nose?


OK, awesome idea, but I think the scents generated by my Galaxy SIII are a bit off. It is my device, or is it the network? How to troubleshoot?


I'm sorry but that looks like a dedicated device meaning all our regular cellphones would be outdated.


Google is playing an April Fool's Day prank on webmasters, too. There is a feature called RealTime that allows me to see data about visitors to my website...what browser they're using, what keywords, what search engine they use and where they are located. I checked in today to see to see 41 visitors from The International Space Station Control Room. I thought, wtf? Astronauts shopping for lingerie?? But when I clicked on the details it said April Fool's.

Funny guys over there at Google :-)


@mybestuser1: @f00l: Try again, worked for me, turn your speakers up and press smell.

You are not using a headset are you?


@caffeine_dude: Your suggestions fixed it! Wet dog smell in surround! Thanks!


Google Nose? I won't use it if I can't pick it.


@f00l: Your welcome, it did not work for me either but I watched the video and saw how it was able to manipulate the molecules with audio. I was wearing headphones at the time. I figured you had the same issue.