questionswhy is my order from 6/13/13 awaiting shipment?


If you bought it from one of the WOOT properties (Wine, Shirt, etc.) you should email

If you bought it from one of the deals on you will need to contact that vendor.


Because it hasn't shipped yet. When it's shipped it will no longer be awaiting shipment.


Hello there,

Welcome to Ask the Community. We represent the niche of Deals.Woot, where nothing is sold, everything is spam, and some like it that way. Seriously. Okay to get down to business. I'd assume that you bought something on the 13th of June from one of the main Woot sites and desperately clicked anything and everything to get someone to listen to you because you really want this amazing and awesome product that you spent that cold hard cash on. Please note, unofficially, Woot sells tons of items that they don't have in stock. They are drop-shipped by vendors, Amazon, whatever. Though chances are you may already have your item in transit. Here's how you check. Go to Woot main, click "Stuff You Bought", supply credentials, look for the purchase in question, look right under the date for order number, copy the order number, go to, and track by reference. You can get lucky sometimes with that. But seriously send an email to use order number.


I'm seeing tracking on all your recent orders. You should be getting tracking soon if not already.

You can also use FedEx's Track by Reference feature to get tracking info using your order number. Your order number is on your order details which you can get via Stuff You Bought. Leave the Account Number blank. Enter your order number in the reference box. Next, select your country and enter your zip code. Click TRACK and voilà, you may have tracking info.