questionscold corporate robot claws?


First. Ownership.

When I send an Email to Customer service, I expect a random person to answer the first one. I expect it to be given a random tracking number so they can follow it, and then I expect the same random number and random person to continue replying to my chain of replies. Instead, I have half a dozen case numbers, handled by a half dozen different people. If I wanted to talk to 3 dozen different people and get nowhere, I'd call my cable company.

Second. personal touch.

The replies I recieved in my Email co-respondance seemed annoyed that I would take time out of their day to ask for assistance. My point? neither Woot, nor the shipper showed that the TV had shipped yet. At the least, the TV was still in the originating state. Instead, the solution presented was "you could just refuse delivery, and when the TV comes back, we could refund it" No reply I recieved contained more words than I can count on fingers and toes.


Third. Some form of contact besides 8 hour delay Email.

It took me 2 1/2 days of waiting on Emails from woot. I may as well have been droping a letter at the post office. This gets back to the issue of Ownership, and having an issue handled by a single individual, instead of a random person every time. If one person were working with a single person until the issue were solved, there wouldn't be a 5 to 12 hour turn time on replies. I realize we'll never get a telephone number, but what about a LiveChat option? This site is open 24 hours a day, is it too much to ask for someone to be here at night?


Fourth. Stop censorship.

The thing that has me most pissed off is the fact Woot began summarily censoring all of my posts out of existance. Sure, my posts were somewhat inciteful, and angry, but at that point, I felt I had no other direction to turn, since customer service had already given me the rubber glove treatment, and told me to sit and spin. Anytime someone begins to post inflamatory things about your company, its because there is a serious problem that is not being addressed. If you don't like how pissed someone is, perhaps you should find the root problem, and fix the issue.



Woot took forever to ship me a 55 inch TV, I went looking for answers, found out it is not actually a 120Hz TV, title on the TV got changed after I bought it, I requested order get cancelled, Customer service told me to screw off, then eventually told me to wait until delivery, refuse it, then wait for a refund when they get the TV back.

I have worked in a tech support/customer service position for the last 5 years, and the behavior exhibited is a great way of losing long time customers.


Sorry to hear about your experience, I have passed on your feedback to the appropriate parties though so they may read through it and take action as needed to improve our customer experience.

(I know that sounds a little robo-mod, but it's all I can do.)


Honestly, this is Woot's MO, from day one. It was a known risk buying something from Woot that if something went wrong, you were SOL. There was no Customer Support or the like. The fact that you can actually e-mail someone, and get a response now, is amazing to me.

Oh, and stop throwing Amazon in there, Amazon has nothing to do with the daily business of Woot. In fact, Amazon has amazing Customer Service, so blaming them makes zero sense.

I'm not saying that your position doesn't suck, but this is also nothing new.


I'm with you. I had a bad customer service experience and was treated like an idiot, even though in the end I was correct and everything that I was being told was not true or accurate. It really soured me on Woot. I've stopped participating and have made one purchase to use up a lingering Jumbowoot coupon, but I'm pretty much done here. It's too bad, it didn't need to be this way. I think the final straw for me was when I posted a thread about it, other Woot users immediately jumped to conclusions and sided with Woot. Nevermind that if any other vendor on the Internet had done the exact same thing, I know for sure that no one would have been defending their actions. But, that's the way it goes.


@inkycatz: At this point, that is all I really hoped would happen with this. I can no longer justify the risk of something going wrong for an average savings of 3% to 10%. I thank you for my Dyson, my Razer mice, my Steel series Siberia headphones, and my wardrobe of American made T-shirts.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


@waltertangofoxtrot: I replied to your other post too, but I wanted to give you a heads up here too. We've arranged to have the TV recalled and a full refund has been issued. Sorry again for all the issues.


I feel the need to step in and say that I have personally, luckily, never experienced an issue that was not resolved in a timely, customer-service oriented manner. I am so sorry, OP, that you feel the way that you do. Really, $16K? WOW


I have had only positive experiences with service, but I've never had problems beyond a misprinted shirt or a package that wasn't delivered. However, reading though the threads for a few of the recent TV sales, it seems like things got pretty messed up, largely because woot was only the intermediary between buyer/customer and totally-incompetent-drop-shipper. Woot, as a corporation, seems to be allergic to saying, "We're sorry, we really screwed up and we're going to learn from this." I don't blame service or the mods for being unable to say that, because it's coming from people above them, but I wish the folks in charge of corporate culture would learn the value of admitting that things went wrong. I think service does the best they can, but I suspect they're vastly overworked/understaffed, and their hands are tied much of the time with the new-ish drop shipping.

@waltertangofoxtrot: It's hard to leave a place that means so much to us. Godspeed.