questionsany suggestions for "legally" messing with a…


Just call the police. Don't lower yourself to some scumbag's level.


Anything worth doing to the guy wouldn't be legal.


I wouldn't lower myself but my husband did. He posted the name and number on a singles website.


agree with the above. even though messing around with the guy might not land you in jail, there's always the small chance the guy could bring a civil suit against you. and with today's legal system, it's not worth the risk.

call the cops.


Post an ad on craigslist in his city saying he has an iPad for sale for $150. He'll be getting calls for days. Then contact the police.


@90mcg112: Since I caught the fraud before the scammer picked up the item, there's no actual monetary loss. While it's possible that the Charlotte cops would do something about it, past experience tells me that I'd spend a lot of my own time filing a report that nothing will come of.
I'd rather spend my time finding ways to annoy him, say cancelling his utilities or requesting mail order bride catalogs and erectile dysfunction information.


You can't go wrong with a flaming bag of poo


I'd have the store call him and say to come pick up the merchandise. And, when he comes in, they can give him something.. then have security hold him as he walks out the door. Then, you have theft and fraud charges right there. That will get the police down there for you.

Basically, see if you can work our your own "sting" with the store.


He sounds like a major dumb @$$ so he'll get busted one day, let karma deal with it.


Do all of the above. Mess with him all you can. He deserves it 10x over. Ed info, iPad on CR for cheap. I still get call about a car I sold 6 months ago. Mine as well go Gay Singles site too.

Vigilante Justice!!!!


@apocello42: I'm thinking $150 iPad and "man-seeking-man" ads on Craigslist...


@birniei: Any of the things you are suggesting have the potential to backfire. One thing you might do instead is to call the local news station. Those folks love stories like this.

Here's your script:

I'm a concerned citizen, and although I managed to prevent this from happening to me, I wanted to warn others in the community about this. You then provide details. Do NOT provide anything about this person that was not readily available from the information provided to you by Wally World. Do NOT pay for further information about him, either.

If it's a slow news week, or if the local TV station likes to do this sort of story (one of my local stations is much more likely to do this than the others), you have the good chance of seeing a junior reporter sticking a mike in the face of this guy, looking for comments. Mission accomplished, and someone else does the work.


@shrdlu: I REALLY like that idea.

Definitely notify the police. There's a lot of stuff you can do that won't land you in too hot of water, legally speaking, but I agree that mostly its not worth it. I love petty revenge as much as the next guy, but meh. You don't know how clever this guy is. He could get you back, or claim all sorts of emotional damages and trauma if he does go after you legally. Ambulance chaser lawyers tend to have doctors who will agree to anything that will help the case.

While the chances are overwhelmingly in your favor for screwing with him, it's probably not worth it.

That being said, if you decide to anyway, you can post his info all over the internet...craigslist, dating sites, 4chan, etc. If you get his address subscribe him to a bunch of embarrassing magazines. The less traceable this is to you, the better.

Like the general consensus is though, I still say just call the police. Maybe take action against him for attempted identity theft.


Someone posted a link about selling a laptop on ebay. I think it was called P-P-P-P-Powerbook. I bet you can find it doing a search. Pretty funny story. Basically, the guy had an ebay auction for a laptop and someone tried scamming him. He sent a three ring binder to the guy and forced the guy to pay several hundred in like customs fees and taxes to receive it.


Love the "scam alert" on the local news idea! I'd use that cell info for every throw-away form that requires a phone number from now on...

OOOH, And if you get his home phone, you could have a female call him and leave messages for him that his wife may "accidentally" find...


If you have an iPhone you can get free background checks (1 every month) using BeenVerified. So you can get his address from there, and you have a junk mail haven.


The funniest thing I have ever seen was when someone posted a scammers name address and cell phone number on Craigslist under the listing "Free Justin Bieber Tix". Needless to say he got A LOT of calls and visits from random people... Pretty sure that's totally legal and hilarious.

You could also carve his Name and Number into a local gas station bathroom (preferably one with a lot of traffic) with the title "For a good time, call:"


Beware - you can spend HOURS reading the HUNDREDS of pages of comments.



Regarding your comment: "You can't go wrong with a flaming bag of poo"

Oh how wrong you are... My little brother was arrested 2 weeks ago for doing just this in October. He and 2 friends are now on probation until his April 4th court date. Charges are 2 counts of felony Arson


@shrdlu I haven't read anything else, just saw this in the "top comments.."

I can say though, this route should definitely should be near the top of your list.

Local news channels love stuff like this. Not only will they find this guy, dig up his information, etc. but they'll hunt that summabitch down and harass him at work :) I've seen 'em do it.

Like @shrldu said, if it's a really slow week they'll make a whole segment out of it lol..


If you have his phone number, you can subscribe it to any number of call-you-at-all-hours-to-sell-you-(profanity)-you-don't-want lists. If you have his cell number, you can go even further and subscribe it to similar lists that send text messages all the time telling you about weather in places you've never been and news about people you don't know.
With an address you can also subscribe him to mailing lists for catalogs and the like.
While none of those will make his life a living hell, and he won't even know you did it to him, they will annoy him and they are perfectly legal. If you work on it long enough you might be able to get to a point where scam artists are calling him to sell him crap he doesn't want. I think I still have the number for the "carribean cruise lines" scam artists who were pestering me before, you can start there if you want...


Not sure of the legalities, nor am I endorsing such a thing, but the folks at 4chan have had some serious fun with scammers and general d-bags in the past. They were some of the people that went after the the woman who bullied her 9-year-old neighbor that was suffering from Huntington's Disease.


I have really enjoyed reading the ways of getting back at this guy and actually laughed out loud. However, in reality, he just might be a psycho and you could be placing yourself in a bad situation by messing with him. Just my own paranoia.


Don't forget that he also knows where you live if he got a hold of your Walmart account. Tread lightly...


@hossdawg97: I do believe that is illegal. Sort of like yelling "FIRE" in a theater.


@zapp brannigan: Oh, thanks sooo much for the link. I have now wasted an hour of productive time at work reading through the powerbook and other pranks.


@rockytrh: I'm sure it is, and I wouldn't encourage anyone to do it. I'm just saying that it has happened in the past.


Keep in mind that the person who is doing this could have just as easily paid another innocent person $20 to pick up the purchase for him/her. Just keep that in the back of your head that anyone "smart" enough to "hack" your account may be smart enough to not show his/her face around WalMart to pick up their stolen merchandise. Usually scammers like this have a large ring of people going and the merchandise purchase will be sold off and traded long before you ever find out who the actual identity thief was. It can be a long difficult road to travel if they're as well organized as some groups. Might as well just notify the police of the situation, notify WalMart, and hope for justice to prevail that way. Sorry for your situation, hope it gets resolved soon, it can be a pain!


@eraten: Not to bust your idea about paying someone to pick up the item... but, you need id to pick up using in-store pick-up.


@benyust2: Thanks for the link to the P-P-P-Powerbook! That was great!!


"The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous."


@zapp brannigan: Thank you for the link! My roommate almost fell for this scam and after she told me about the "buyer" she had for her engagement ring I convinced her to run to FedEx and get the package back. The link was so great to read! Thank you!!!


@jsoko: Doesn't mean the ID presented is legit.


@birniei: Man-seeking-man ads? You should probably post woman-seeking-man ads. He'll get way more calls and probably some d--k pics. Actually, he'd probably get a lot more photos.


This question reminds me of the p-p-p-powerbook.


@zapp brannigan: Thanks for the link! What a hoot! Great story!


I had an abusive weasel person as an acquaintance me for a while. It REALLY sucked that he was also my landlord, and he'd go thru the apartment when we'd leave. So:
You know those "loyalty" cards at the stores? Get one in the guys name and address, and use it (cash only!)whenever you buy things you don't want on your record. Like alcohol, smokes, junk food, etc.
You know those blow in subscription cards? Fill one out every so often in his name, just don't mail it from home. It's not hard to make a Word template for the PC to print out. Sign him up for newspapers, also.
For notta lotta money you can pick up a burn phone. Call radio and TV shows occasionally, in his name, and disagree with the presenter. With lots of descriptions and arguments. As a horny aggressive TS works.
Every contest bowl in the fast food places, every email signup for more information at the mall kiosks, sign him up. I even bought business cards with his info just to drop one off at obscure places.