questionsanyone use canopy dvd/media accidental protection…


I hate to ask but why not get cloneCD and clone the disks and leave the originals in the case?


@caffeine_dude: also, xbox games duplicated onto recordable media will not work in a stock xbox 360.


It looks like each contract may only cover a single game.

It's definitely single use, as in if you use it to replace a game the contract is over. That part is explicitly stated in the terms.


@samstag: Well yeah that's how warranties work, for $4.50 for a year its priced right. Curious if others had any experience with them.


@zapp brannigan: Oh ya I used to 'fix' Playstation 1s, but I read out that our government was going after the people who bought the chips and they were using Homeland Security (which seemed to have unlimited money and power at the time), so I stopped buying the chips. I did fix an X-Box once, but it was a gen 1, and the person bought the chip for himself. The chip was to sit on the mainboard of the Xbox but he messed something up and I had to solder to the back of the board and to the new chip.

Edit: This is not much help, but if they want me to take copyrights seriously they need to replace broken disk for a 'disk replacement fee' as I am paying $50 for the content of that disk and not the disk itself.


@caffeine_dude: I agree, and I used to do the soldering of chips on the first gen xbox also :) I am not going to mod my current since I like playing on Live but yeah if they would replace the disc for like $5 plus shipping I would mail them my disc and get a clean one back.