questionsdo you upvote people that just post links to…


Sometimes. If I see a deal on a popular website, say Amazon for instance, then I'm more likely to upvote it because of their customer service and reliability, whereas a deal from probably won't get my vote, even if it's better than Amazon, because I don't know who I'm buying from there.


If it's a good deal on a good product I'll upvote it. Isn't that the point?


If its a good item at a good price I will vote up, unless it's from a questionable or known terrible site.


The whole point of the site is aggregating deals from other sites why would you not include a site because it's got a similar business model to woot?


I didn't quite get what you meant... so even if it's a killer deal you won't upvote if it's from a DAD site? (love that acronym by the way, even if I am the only one who uses it.)

I just got a 16gb MicroSD card for like $8 bucks from DailySteal (Who looks almost IDENTICAL to Woot since their revamp). Just throwin' that out there.


I've had spotty customer service from some of the other deal sites (1saleaday and yugster, I'm looking at you), so I will not upvote deals from those sites. I cannot recommend buying from those companies, but I won't downvote the deals, either, since other people may have better experiences than I did.