questionswhat is the best way to torture minions?


You could ask idiot questions until they run screaming from the room. Oh, wait, that's already been done.


I also note that you seem strangely familiar. Perhaps we met at the last Rulers of the Universe convention?


@shrdlu: HEY, THAT'S MY JOB.

@eviloverlordwhateveridon'tfeellikerememberingyourfullscreenname Make them listen to Justin Beiber covering Miley Cyrus songs.


@coolphilip04: excellent choice! I shall implement that as soon as I return to my lair.

@shrdlu: We may have met at the last Rulers of the Universe convention, but you know that there is always a huge crush of fanboys and girls. Were you the one with the fishy minion?


I don't have minions -- I have henchmen with bad teeth...


@eviloverlord89: Indeed. I have fishy minions that can do amusing tricks with their eyes. I also have a sophisticated (but aging) spy with clever toys, and a British accent (one sometimes strangely tempered with a Scottish burr).


@coolphilip04: you broke it with the apostrophe