questionswhat does a box of carp look like?


Don't you dare rotate that first picture. It's more carpy this way.


So THAT'S what they look like! It's been so long I had forgotten. (sigh) What fun!


@belyndag: You used to get these from metaphore and lazyzombie? This is not an official bag of crap; it's just a load of carp.


@lotsofgoats: It was rotated on imgur, but for some reason it shows the original way. I'm glad you approve :)


@bsmith1: Nope. Never got one from them, just haven't been able to score a BOC from Woot in a while.

On the other hand, I have gotten several from the folks at the Jammin' Butter sites. Some I bought and some they sent as customer appreciation bonuses.

I have a hard time resisting mystery boxes. My house is full of, er, carp!


I imagine it would be wet and dripping. Possibly flopping. Anyhoo, fun stuff, I might have to go for one if I get the chance. :D


Lovely box of carpy crap! Thanks for sharing the pictures, and glad the kitty found a present too!


Glad you enjoyed it! We enjoyed making it! Yays!


@lazyzombie: The t shirt had people staring at my chest all day yesterday. I can't decide whether to be flattered or uncomfortable...


Holy carp! That's a lot of carp!
I guess they really make it worth your money, even if you don't use half of it.