questionswhich city has the least coordinated traffic…


Actually, the town I grew up in has them down to a science. The town I live in now is terrible, you will literally catch every single light, on the main thoroughfare. I think they are doing it on purpose, to get public support for a proposed project. The lights on another busy crossroad, were suddenly, magically, perfectly timed, once approval for another traffic change were approved.



EDIT: I didn't see the part about your own until I had already hit the enter key. In retrospect, I will say that it must be yours. :)


Really doesn't matter if my city lights were coordinated or not. I live in Darwin's Waiting Room where the idiots don't understand when the light turns green, one is supposed to push the vertical pedal with a bit of alacrity after checking for the idiots who think red lights are only cautionary.

We have signs all over our highways that state "SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT." i just wish they'd enforce it. Folks, if you're being passed on the right and you're leading what looks like a effing parade behind you, move on over to the right. For the love of all things holy, move your slow-driving butt over to the right lane. Thank you for trying to help, but you don't have to be the left-lane police. Let the highway patrol ticket the speeders while you mosey on toward where you're going from the slower lane. Please?

Same goes for you cell phone users. Yes, you ARE slowing down. You just don't realize it!