questionsdo thrift stores in your area have deals anymore?


Two different "chains" around here and both have variations of colored tag sales, ie yellow tags may be 60% off on a given day or week depending on the store. Also one "chain" has a version of a loyalty card where you get $ off at various point levels.... but I have noticed questionable prices on non sale items especially wood furniture seems to be overpriced sometimes.


I see a lot of Goodwill Stores selling on ebay. I think they take their most lucrative items ( read the really great "finds" from the past ) and auction them off online. I haven't actually been to our local one recently, so I can't say first hand. But a friend said that that Goodwill has gotten pricey and they could find better deals for new stuff at a big box store. ( or 'zom of course )

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Goodwill has their own auction site. That's interesting. In their stores in the Charlotte area, everything is priced very high. The worst are Salvation Army and Re-hab (Habitat for Humanity) stores. Dirty stuff at retail prices. Their inventory is donated. Stained, nasty sofas, their price is $400. You can buy a new one at "Rooms to Go" delivered for that. Just don't get it. Aren't they (all of the above) a charity organization? To help people?


There's a thrift store in my town that has half-off sales occasionally. Once I got my daughter three pairs of jeans, two shirts, and a denim jacket for $21. And these were Gap and JCrew.


My parent frequent the thrift stores around them. My dad finds lots tools and parts, which are helpful since he enjoys tinkering and fixing things around the house. My mom finds glassware and kitchen gadgets. I guess it depends on location, especially since there are none around me. I don't have the option.


The goodwill and salvation army stores near me aren't so great. Furniture way overpriced. Clothes so so. If a person has v little money and needed clothes for kids or school or a new job and went on bargain days, prob worth it. Cheap luggage maybe. Nick nacks but who needs more of those. What were finds are now auctions and not worth it.

Except for cheap clothes, craigslist and garage sales are better and faster.


@purplefeather: You're right there. You can find wonderful deals on clothes. A friend of mine bought a men's Armani cashmere overcoat for $25. It was large and she's a small woman who wears it proudly every time it gets cold. You have to hunt and beware of people. I've seen people block aisles with their carts to stop other people browsing in their "territory",,


I'm currently using two 17 inch monitors purchased at my local goodwill for $7.99 and $13.99.


If it weren't for thrift stores, my shirt.woot collection would only be like half its size!

It's always hit-and-miss when it comes to deals there. I've seen $1 store stuff priced at $5, and $50 items priced at $1. The folks pricing the items don't always know what they're looking at, so it's buyer beware.

FWIW, my <$80 find a couple years ago for a 22" Samsung LCD, a Wacom tablet, and a woot shirt has since been topped by a one-version old Valentine One at less than the price of a shirt from the reckoning.


@rookie3001: Just like any story of a company that starts with a moral thought and then gets poisoned when the cash starts flowing in. You can bet that if there was a cancer cure found, Susan G Komen would be the first to stomp it out.


It's not really fair to compare what you can get at a thrift store to what you can buy on ebay. Sellers on ebay often have even lower costs than a thrift store which has to pay to keep the lights on, pay property (and sometimes income) taxes, etc. On top of that sellers on ebay have a generally a really good idea of what item X is worth, the thrift stores are generally staffed by people who have only a vague idea as they have to price a large number of items in very little time. I wouldn't be surprised if the person who priced your mouse was unaware that they were tagging a PS/2 or ADB mouse rather than a USB or that a Logitech or Microsoft mouse is generally more reliable than a Chinese knock-off.

If you find something at a thrift store that is horribly priced you can always try taking it to the checkout and offering them a lower price. The worst thing they can do is say no and not sell the item to you.


That said, what you should compare the thrift store to is your local brick-and-mortar for the most similar item. Thrift stores are great for picking up certain parts that you might not have on hand in a pinch - power, ethernet, and coaxial cables are great examples. Monitors and TVs are generally cheap and plentiful there as well. Certain cookware items are often a great deal too.