questionsare woot staff stuffing on sushi?


Staff is moving from St. Louis. :)


They eat more than Sushi in Seattle and really they tend to gorge more on Coffee and lattes.

Smoked Salmon is always around though and Grilled salmon. I will have to ask my dad if Sushi is still a trend out there though.


The latest craze of the last couple of years is:

Bikini/Lingerie Latte stands on every other corner (some just wear pasties).

The fully clothed latte stands are on every corner. I do believe women drink lattes just like the men but I haven't seen or heard of any scantily clad male latte stands.


Ok, if it means more sushi, I will move to Amazon HQ!


@theoneill555: Haven't seen any scantily clad women serving Latte on corners around here, but I will keep looking...


@josefresno: Would you like the specific addresses?


@josefresno: We just passed one and the barista was outside in her garter belt and panties.

My 19 year old son must be jaded, as he was not impressed.