questionswhat is the most interesting vacation you've ever…


Longest vacation? A month in Spain last year. Have been there 3 times before for 3 weeks each time. Memorable vacation: 3 weeks in Italy. Love it there. Want to return. Perhaps one of my most interesting trips: A 2 week Mediterranean cruise...Athens, Israel, Turkey, Egypt (saw the pyramids!), Rhodes, Cyprus and Rome (not a port, but the city - saw the Sistine Chapel.) Plan to travel to Mexico, South America, back to Spain & Italy. Money willing. ;-)



Ooh, that sounds like a fabulous cruise. I really want to do that someday.

We should plan a wooters vacation and all go. You can go again. :)


@kschouten: Interesting trivia about that Med. cruise - it was on the Princess Islander. The Sister Ship (exactly the same) to the one that was used to film the Love Boat TV series. Very small ship by today's standards. Perfect for me. Bigger is not always better, IMO. Have sailed on larger ships, too. Also, must give acknowledgement, love & much gratitude to my mother (RIP) who paid for most of that wonderful trip.

Years later the Islander was sold by Princess to an investment group in Japan. It was to be used as an off-shore brothel. o-O Can't help thinking about our cabin. ;-) Hard to find a true 14 night cruise now. Most are 12 nights, and cost double, triple or even more than what they did years ago. What doesn't, though?


@gmwhit: That sounds like a wonderful vacation, what cruise line did you take (if any)?
EDIT: Ah, I just saw you commented on the OP's post with the name of the cruise line while I was typing.

Back to the OP: Wish you the best of luck on your trip. Sounds like a blast and all the more enjoyable knowing you aren't paying through the nose for this kind of trip. Really enjoy the food in LA; it's a wonderful amalgamation of French, Spanish and Southern foods. For Miami, be prepared for tons of wonderful sandwiches and pastries.

My favorite thing to do on vacations is eat as much local food as possible.


Most interesting vacation would have to be the mission trip to India. Two weeks including travel. We spent a few days in Bangalore helping out at a drop-in (day time) center for street kids. Then we moved down to the southern coast and helped build homes for families affected (homes destroyed) by the tsunami. We did some touristy stuff, visited a snake temple and a palace and ate all sorts of interesting things. Great trip.

Longest vacation, farthest from home and possibly best was probably the month I spent in Australia with my family the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. Didn't know it at the time but it was our last family vacation with just the four of us. We did a lot of day tours, spent two days snorkling on the Great Barriar Reef, held koalas, petted kangaroos, watched penguins come in from the sea, bounced rocks on this beach where rocks bounce, climed Ayers Rock, rode camels. Really a great trip.


That sounds like a fabulous vacation! The longest vacation I have been on was 22 days. The furthest I have been from home is as far as you can get and stay on the same planet, Australia and New Zealand in one trip and China and Japan on another. The most interesting is hard to say, each one holds it's own special place in my memories. But the most foreign was definitely China. It is the country I would most like to revisit. I found the people friendly, the culture rich, the countryside and historic sites beautiful. We are going to Costa Rica for the first time this fall, I think that brings my number of countries visited to 23.


Longest trip was a summer in Germany before my freshman year of high school. I stayed with my aunt and uncle. I spent the summer in three countries (if you don't count leaving/coming back to the U.S.): Germany, Luxembourg, and France. We would go to Luxembourg to see movies and buy cheaper gas, and we spent a weekend in Paris for my 14th birthday. It was really a great experience to have so young.

Most interesting was probably my honeymoon to Italy in September. My husband and I share a love of history and ancient Rome, so getting to tour places like the Colosseum, the forae, and Pompeii was awesome and educational.


@gmwhit: The cruise we are taking is the price of one well priced week, one cabin (on Disney), but we got two weeks, and two cabins for that price, about $4600 (the price difference between the four of us staying in one cabin and splitting up into two cabins in random parts of the ship was only $200, $4400 vs 4600). We never thought we could afford a two week cruise and honestly, we can't really afford this right now, but we are the type to never allow anything to remain on the credit card, ever, so this will be an exception for a few months until we can pay it off (we are planning to do so before the actual trip).


@kschouten: a wooters vacation trip? Sounds great ! Summer holiday is on the way, lol,i went to european counties last year, it's a wonderful and unforgettable trip cost a half and one month. Orkney, where you'll find great tourist attractions and activities to suit every interest. The quiet sandy beaches, stunning scenery, abundance of wildlife, fresh quality cuisine and warm welcoming hospitality make these islands an ideal place for a relaxing visit or an action-packed holiday. We came to Devon, where you can enjoy the dilicious food made by The chef John Burton-Race and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall . We stayed here for celebrating the gourmet festival held at this place. It's so wonderful!