questionswhy iphone or not to iphone?


I'll note I looked at some other question regarding phones, and Verizon. Many spoke about plans. Plan, to me, doesn't matter... neither does the price of it. It's paid for by my work. I just buy my own device. So, saving $100+ is important to me, unless it's $100+ well spent.


5 out of 6 techie type people at my office said the switch to iPhone was nothing special. The non-techies all love their iPhones.


I have an iPhone and I'm very happy with it.

That being said, I'd recommend sticking to Android. You're already familiar with the interface (not that iOS is hard to learn) and you've already purchased apps from the Android App Store. Anything you have there you'll need to get again on the iPhone.

Really, the phones aren't that radically different. The iPhone 4 and the Droid X (I think) had basically identical hardware. Smartphones really come down to personal preference. If you like Android, go with Android. Like iOS, get an iPhone.

If you don't have a strong preference to stay with Android and don't mind repurchasing apps, then play with an iPhone. See how it compares to whatever Android phones you're looking at. If you're torn, just go with your gut. I'm pretty sure you'll be fairly satisfied with either option.

EDIT: Oh, and the fact that you can save $100 is another good reason to go with the Android.


@jkaleda: That's also an impression I got from some folks. People who don't have gadgets seemed to like it more than those who do.

@thedogma: Luckily, I haven't purchased anything. I'd may have to check some of the free apps I use and see if there are iPhone versions, but that's about it. But, what you said is kind of what I thought. They are very much similar as far as what you can do (depending on the phone itself). Maybe just a preference, but iPhone doesn't make your coffee or rub your feet. I'm a Mac user, so that's the only thing I can think of so far that makes it a decent choice, but then again, I have never once said "Man, I wish my phone was an iPhone so I can XYZ..." :-)

Thanks to you both.


@thedogma: I would say the exact same thing. I have and love an iPhone. I also previously had two iPods and all my music was in iTunes. This is my second iPhone now. I had a kindle fire and hated it - didn't like the android interface since I wasn't used to it. Also note I'm not a major techie. My mom is an example of someone who has a Droid but shouldn't. She is definitely not techie, has a Mac computer and everything else is an iDevice. I (her child with a smartphone) have only iPhone experience and can't help her with her Droid. She upgraded to a smartphone on Verizon a few months before they had the iPhone option.

I say get what you like and are used to as long as it isn't a blackberry! And if you can save some money and still be able to use old apps then even better.


@kmeltzer: That really is what it comes down to (preference). If you look hard enough, you'll see some apps that are on the iPhone and not on Android, but you'll also see the same thing the other way around.

Even if it's an app you really want, chances are if you just wait, whoever makes the app will probably support the device. I know of a bunch of games that were originally just for iPhone that are now on Android, for instance.


I have been using Android phones since they first came out. Lots of friends have iPhones. Main difference I see is the feel of the touchscreen - the iPhone is really nice. Also have noted on occassion that I have gotten better cell reception & network connections than my friend using an iPhone standing next to me (both of us had Verizon plans - go figure). For me, the differences are not enough to upgrade for reasons @thedogma stated - I know the phone & don't want to replace apps I purchased.


@sassymango: What you say about being side-by-side is good to hear. What phone do you have? One of the issues I have right now is people around me seem to get data connections, while my phone isn't. It assume it's partially my phone, and partially AT&T (likely, mainly the phone).


I have an iPhone and I hate myself for it. I really don't think it is anything special. I actually prefer the interface on my Xoom tablet (I was one of the first to get the ICS upgrade. HA!)

I would not get an iPhone right now. The iPhone will almost certainly get a refresh (perhaps major) in a month. When that refresh will make it to consumers, and when it makes it to Verizon is a different question entirely: it could be as late as December. If you are wanting to go that route, wait a month then decide.

The "Dude, get an iPhone", are people being intellectually lazy. It is the safe choice now. There are reasons to get it, but plenty of reasons not to. Don't be an iSheep. Make up your own mind.


Retailers of Apple products (like AT&T & Verizon) have been given permission to reduce iPhone pricing... So if you go with the iPhone say, "I saw the iPhone at another cellular provider for cheaper, What can you do for me?..." So DO NOT pay the $200 price tag now, or the other option is wait until the next iPhone comes out (Mid-Late Sept) then watch current iPhone 4s prices drop even further.


Been an iPhone user for nearly four years now and had the 3G, 4 and 4s models. To be fair, there isn't really anything technically special about them. What they shine truly on is simplicity that even a four year old (or sometimes younger) would somehow naturally figure out how the interface works. There are plenty of accessories out there with the 30-pin dock of the current iPhone (which is probably about to get replaced next month).

If you strive on being feature-rich then I'd stick to something like the Samsung Galaxy S3 (their commercials are very, convincing). But to be honest, it takes me like five minutes to find the power button. No joke!

So it really depends on what your preferences are. For me I'd stick with the iPhone because for some odd reason I've gotten "muscle memory" for where all my apps are. To check my eBay app, I push the folder on the third row far right and the app is on the bottom left corner without even looking/reading through all the applications.


Thanks folks. All very helpful. I've decided to skip on the iPhone and stick with what I've been using. I went to a Verizon store today just to get a feel for some of the phones, and looking at either a Lucid or Droid Incredible 4G LTE.


@kmeltzer: sorry for the delay - was out all day. I have a Droid Bionic.

There are so many phones out there it's hard to choose. Good luck!


@sassymango: No need to be sorry.. people are allowed to be out :-)

One thing I liked about the 2 phones I mentioned were the size. They aren't as small as what I have now (a Bravo), but they are smaller than the.. what I call.. mini tablets. If a phone needs a holster, it's too large for me. So, going into the store was a good thing. Online, they all look the same size!


@kmeltzer: Thanks!

also, you can't "feel" the touchscreen response of the phone on line.

btw, I have found that Verizon phone prices vary (sometimes greatly) between "official" stores, "mall/franchise" stores, on-line specials, upgrade specials, valued customer specials, etc. Unfortunately Verizon does not make it easy for you by listing all sales in one spot or by a guarantee to price match.


In case anyone is interested, I went with a Droid Incredible 4G LTE... and so far, really like it. Added an OtterBox to hopefully keep it protected and unbroken :-)