questionshp touchpad owners: did you know there is new…


Started my download a few minutes ago and was going to share. I am hoping for better browser, but the article did not mention it at all. : (


Mine just arrived this afternoon and the 54MB update was something I did before heading off to work...


Yes, but since I want to put Android on mine, I am going to wait to update. Right now the Cyanogen Mod is in the Alpha stage, and set to work on the current version, hopefully soon in the beta stage...

See here as to why you may choose to do the same.



Will the WebOS 3.0.4 update keep Android from working properly?
There are 2 parts to this answer:
A - If you HAVE NOT installed Android yet, do the 3.0.4 update, then proceed to install like normal, everything still works fine.
B - If you HAVE installed Android. You'll need to boot into WebOS, put the moboot file back in


I wish I didn't update... none of the Preware patches work anymore. And even worse, my TP is running at stock CPU speeds again :-( /firstworldproblems

but really if your TP is tweaked out, wait to update until they update all the patches to work with the current webOS version.


@drsilentg: I'm not an expert, I'm just going with what I read, and did a little research. :) Thanks for the tip, though, really! I appreciate the input!


I have not installed android over clocked. I am happy with the update. I am waiting for CM7's beta before I start tweaking.