questionspost avengers... what superhero would you most…


It should be shirtless girl from the Bob & Tom show!


I would like to see Storm in her own movie instead of with the rest of the X-Men.


MC: A better version of Daredevil
DC: Wonder Woman

Daredevil probably won't happen because Marvel is going to be focused on characters from the original Avengers for the next 20 years or so.

Wonder Woman probably won't happen because of the failed TV pilot.

I also loved Frank Miller's version of the old, retired Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, but know this would be unlikely to be adapted into a film because of the success of Nolan's Batman.


I'm kind of looking forward to the rumored Lobo film.


You think maybe there is a shot at a Justice League movie? It would take a few years to introduce more characters but could be pretty cool...

Or, better yet, how about a movie that focuses in on a super villain coming from his prospective. The original comic book baddies like Lex Luthor , Joker, or Darkseid?


I loved the Flash growing up, would love to see a well done movie featuring him...


I'd like to see something starring Gambit from X-Men, he was always my favorite growing up and watching the cartoon.

I like the idea of a Justice League movie @lpgstock, but sans Christian Bale.

Would welcome the idea of a Wonder Woman movie.


Ultron, but I'll settle for Thanos.
I'd love to see Preacher, Bone, or The Goon.

Why The Goon hasn't been made yet baffles my mind. Somebody needs to fund that one asap.
The Goon Trailer (David Fincher)


Marvel has done a good job portraying lot of their more commonly known heroes.... I'd have to go with an earlier suggestion for a DC hero; The Flash would be great. If they did his sense of humor just right and made him kick as much ass as he can it would be great fun. Martian Man Hunter might be an interesting film too seeing as he has a dramatic background and interplay with Superman.


Big Bertha, Howard the Duck, or Ant-Man


A better Underdog movie, less dog, more Mog


I'd like to see..

DC Comics:
- WonderWoman

Would be cool to see a Justice League movie.

- Hmm..

- MegaMan

And on an Avengers note: I was at the waiting room at the doctors office today and I could hear this guy talking about every epic scene of the Avengers (in detailed description). That was like about 70 feet away, over an open wall. And the lady he was talking to was like, "uh huh... whoa.. haha.. hmmm.. wow.. uh huh". LOL!


Not that this would ever happen, but I'd love to see a live action Doctor Strange movie. That would be awesome.


Green Arrow
Dick Grayson
Jesse Custer
J'onn J'onzz
Yorick Brown
Dr. Strange
Captain marvel and the rest of the Marvel Family(including Black Adam)


She Hulk.

Based on the funny and witty THE SENSATIONAL SHE HULK rather than THE SAVAGE SHE HULK.

Imagine going to court and finding that your opponent is a green skinned woman who stands seven feet tall and can crush your vehicle with her bare hands. That should make for a very entertaining feature in the right hands.


Not so much of a super hero, but Groo would be good


@tidusthealmighty: Up vote for Captain Marvel. That would be so cool.


"Post Avengers" made me think of a superhero going around deals.woot, avenging... posts. I don't know.


Deadpool. Like a real, true-to-comics awesome Deadpool.

Not that bastardized Ryan Reynolds version, let alone whatever that thing (Deadpool In Name Only) they turned him into in X-Men Origins.


Doc Savage.

And I would love to see another Hellboy movie, but Del Toro pretty much quashed it.


I like the Mega Man idea from @joshobra, there's some potential there. But they would have to make it as hard as the original game.

A new Ninja Turtles could be cool too.
And another shot at Superman...


@thetexastwister: Yeah, I was surprised that no one had said him already.