questionswhatever happened to food at woot?


Some types of food and chocolate they don't ship in the summer because of the heat.


Food? Oh. Well, okay. Maybe food.woot should be the newest addition to the many woot sites that exist.

Then Thursdays could revert to wine on wine.woot. That'd be nice.

Smile and say cheese. :-D


It's only been about a week since this was offered over on wine.woot:

Food, with a funny name to boot (and you get your caramel mention in there).


@gmwhit: You're getting very picky about this category thing, you know. Try to expand your horizons a little bit: apparently, if something comes in a bottle or jar, or if it can be eaten or drunk with wine or any other food, or if it can be named in the same sentence as the word "wine" without sounding like total gobbledegook, then it fits into the wine tab quite nicely.

See how easy that was? Just think outside the bottle. Er, box. Or jar. Whatever.


@magic cave: Of course, you're right. And grapes are food in the pure sense. I know I'm asking too much.

It's not like all the woot sites overlap. Are redundant. Or there are too many of them. What was I thinking? Forgive me. I've either been drinking too much wine or eating too much food. Or something.


Summer shipping isn't much of an excuse -- there were plenty of corkscrews, aerators, and other schlock on wine.woot Thursdays over the winter and spring. I mean, when that site's selling freakin' paper napkins, they're pretty much saying "we give up." Even the food items that show up are retreads -- today's oil, the skillet bacon jam (which I like but have more than enough of), those "French-style" preserves in the tiny jars you can't empty in the silly holder. There doesn't seem to be any interest in finding anything new.


@questionsanswered: that's a seemingly applicable name you got there


@questionsanswered: Uhhh...that doesn't seem to stop any of the chocolate, cheeses, etc companies from doing business.


Amazon is going to be expanding their food delivery soon, so that may have something to do with it.