questionscan you help me find a good window fan?


Lasko has a nice article on their website
on how to chose the best fan for your bedroom. I assumed BR b/c you said night air.
They are made in USA in case that matters to you .
That said, I have never owned one of their fans, have been shopping around for a fan and liked the article.

I think the best window fans have twin fans or are reverse direction fans. That way you can push stale air out as well as bring in the fresh. They come w/ all sorts of bells and whistles( remote, filters, timers, etc). Good to decide in advance what features you are willing to pay extra for.

It's going to get hot this weekend -- better act fast !


I had the Holmes model you linked to above. It worked great for several years. I used it as @ceagee said, one side blowing out, one blowing in. However finally one side died, so now it is a one sided fan. I think I got a cheap deal on it at a local dollar store or drugstore, can't remember.


Well, I have three of these, if that's enough of a recommendation. I originally got one to replace a similar dead Honeywell in the attic. (Both twin fans are set on exhaust in one gable-end window to draw the air from the other gable end.) I couldn't believe how much better it was than the Honeywell! Then I got another for the living room in the front of the house.

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That second fan worked so well, I got another for a sunny room in the back of the house which gets closed off during the day. In the evening I recirculate the air in the room until it cools down, then I open the door and pull in air towards the rest of the house. To complement the two house-level Bionaires, I also put a small square fan in another window facing out. I also open the attic door at night, and open a basement window briefly in the morning's coolest hour, and tweak which doors are opened for maximum air flow for the front and back halls. It took some time and effort to figure out a system, but it works well. (Reading about the "chimney effect" helped me immensely, but may be less relevant in your residence.)

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Anyway, they're quiet, move a lot of air, feature LED thermostats, come with remote controls, and are good-looking. Be sure to read the first "most useful" Amazon review comparing it to two other models. (FYI, the thermostat issue some reviewers mention has long since been resolved.)

Finally (whew!), I quickly grew tired of removing and then replacing the fans on a daily basis, so I was pleased to find that I could use these extension curtain rods to hold them in place, so that the windows open and close behind them, and they only have to be installed once a year.

TL;DR; Get a Bionaire. Or three!