questionsdo you like pina coladas?


+1 for that last tag. i've got 18 minutes left to the end of my day and i'm so bored i'd happily watch paint dry for something to do.

normally this place is full of insanity (which i complain about), but now that there's a slow moment, i'm super bored XD


@smtatertot13: Dontcha just hate that? My place seems to go from frantic to vewwy vewwy kwiet in the space of five minutes, several times during the day. Even worse, our computer systems block most interesting sites, including this one, so I'm left with glancing at CNN to avoid boredom. Especially annoying when I know there's a woot-off going on.


@woothulhu: Proxy? Entirely true that I need one, but work life is just busy enough that I'd probably never get to use it. And then there's that icky little issue about risking job loss for inappropriate use of company equipment and such.

But I can day dream, hmmmm?


I've actually never had a Pina Colada. I don't particularly like the rain, but I had a really romantic moment with my girlfriend while trudging through the giant blizzard a few months back... Actually it wasn't very romantic at all. I couldn't see a thing and we had to walk 3 blocks while dragging a suitcase through 3 feet of snow. And then I had to walk back by myself. Fun times...

@woothulhu Yeah, you totally got this from my Census question :P


@abramokids : Guilty! JANE, STOP THIS CRAZY THING


Got to love my job. When my boss notices I'm busy, he brings me piles of other people's work. (Not just me, but anyone who is overstretched.) If someone is lazy, their work is taken away, to be given to the busy. I think he bases this tactic on Newton's first law of motion. :p


Closest I've ever come to a piña colada is eating pineapple and coconut Lifesavers at the same time.
I am sooo glad I'm not working right now. It was always "feast or famine" and that phone would always start ringing off the hook about a half hour before I was due to head home. It's good being nothing more than an ornament on Society these days ;)


My best friend and I had a summer ritual when our kids were still living at home. She would make a batch of pina coladas, pour it in a ziplock bag and freeze it. First thing in the morning we would pack up the kids, the super deluxe Scrabble board and all the gear needed for a day on the beach and go to Sand Harbor. Scrabble marathons and pina coladas lying in the sun in one of the most beautiful place I've ever seen...great memories. Here are some pics of Sand Harbor (Lake Tahoe):


I like pina coladas (too bad I don't drink any more)
I hate getting caught in the rain (and yet I live in one of the wet states)
I am not into yoga (way too quite and I like loud fast music when exercising)
I have half a brain (the kids destroyed the other half)


@smtatertot13: they once again ruined it, and made your comment seem miplaced. @jumbowoot, can we at least get the tag modders to alert us via a quick post so we all don't seem crazy?


Pina Coladas - No
Getting Caght in the rain - Yes

I'm weird; I know. It's a throwback to my childhood.


Additional info...

I always tell my son, "I'm not made of sugar. I won't melt." His response is, "You got that right."

Of course, that probably proves I'm not the wicked witch, either.


@woothulhu: well, if they're gonna keep doing it, I guess I'll just embrace that I'm the crazy chick :D

(and yeah, seriously, mods, why you gotta kill all the fun?)

this is why i feel seriously triumphant when one of my deals makes it to popular while having one of my patented silly tags. (it's the small things in life!)


I like pina coladas, as long as you leave out the coconut, and the pineapple. Use a decent rum, too. I used to like to sip a little 151 over ice, in the summer. I prefer that rain happens at night, while I'm sleeping.

Whoever thought the tag should be "classical" is an idiot. Unless they meant it to be funny, in which case, it needed a smiley. Removing tags on a question that's dumped in Chat seems kinda pointless, but changing them to mean even less than they did is not a good use of anyone's time.

I'd suggest that when someone comes up with a funny tag or two, to make sure and hit the first comment with a note that says "...and the original tags are #funnyfordays or even #shrdlu (yes, there are, or at least were, things out there that someone had tagged #shrdlu, because it was #funny). I'd expect that the comments, at least, would be left alone.


@shrdlu: It was to be funny, and directed right at you ma'am. I know you're a big fan of classical music, so here's your smiley :)


@woothulhu: Not a moderator's fault? Then I take it back, this time. I only saw the last tag, truthfully, and it was funny enough that it wiped out my memory. That's the old-timer's disease that gets me. I still wish we could keep at least ONE funny tag per question (or deal). Life's too short. Laughing is good for everyone. I like it. I do it all the time. I recommend it to others.


I suggest whenever anyone does ANYTHING, they make sure to tell us exactly what they are doing.

If you are being sarcastic, you should put #I'm being sarcastic after whatever was sarcastic.

Otherwise it's like soooooooo confusing! #funny

And these mod are like killing all the fun! Geee whiz mods, why are you like so not fun? Trying to bring order and stuff to the boards. I've been here for like 5 years so I think I can just control the place because I'm like totally super #I'm being sarcastic. Whoever put the tag as "music" is an idiot!


@shrdlu: definitely appreciate the one fun tag, especially since there are no real set guidelines about including tags. (who wants a real FAQ? this guy!)

i just looked through some of my "old" deals and this one is my favorites: (they actually let me get away with 2 fun tags :)

also, i never answered the question. Pina coladas are acceptable, though not exciting. getting caught in the rain blows, but choosing to go out in the rain (when it's a nice cooling rain on a super hot day, for example) can be quite nice.