questionsbuckyballs deals rejected?


Liability. This has come up a lot, and the answer is always that no one's particularly happy about it, but it's Woot's playground so we follow their rules. Buckyballs are indeed banned from Woot.



Well. Too bad. My first deal was gonna be great.


@takenforgranite: Yeah. You can still get good deals on Buckyballs. Unfortunately, we just cant share them on Woot anymore.

Rotten teenagers.


@inkycatz: Thanks for the link. I tried to ask the search a question but it found nothing. Perhaps I formed my query wrong. Several times. At any rate, I got the answer, and now I can use your link to see the raging debate. Thanks!


Yes, as a matter of fact there was discussion at the federal level about banning and recalling the balls. Kids swallow them and get trapped in the stomach. In some cases they eroded part of the intestines requiring surgery.

CBS Health does a review of the complaints and the manufacturer's side.

See USA Today story covering the problem.

Consumer Protection Service sues the maker.


@tpscan: The ban is really dumb in my opinion. These are plastered with "NOT INTENDED FOR KIDS" warning. Regulation to make sure kids dont get their hands on them? Sure.

But if a kid's going to do something that the packaging explicitly states not to do on a product NOT intended for kids, I feel it's just dumb to hold the company liable. They've really done all they reasonably can to ensure it doesn't happen.


@thedogma: On none of the dozen or so firearms ever purchased have I ever seen the warning:

Despite the lack of such clear warnings, I have managed to not shoot myself repeatedly. I would think a warning that covers 25% of the packaging on the sides its printed on would be sufficient... Although.. it hasn't worked much for cigarettes. And yet... those aren't illegal.


@drewfunkadelic78 Oh man. Thanks for the new timekiller site. You owe my boss hours of lost productivity...


@takenforgranite: Well the fact that they've been pulled is a sign of good faith. I just really don't see any bans or lawsuits successfully happening. It would be incredibly stupid.


@thedogma: Well, let me just think about this.

Let me see. All kids can and do read, from the age of 9 mos & up, perfectly, with complete understanding.

All kids keep all the small parts of games and toys in the original container w/label, always putting all the pieces away and never losing any.

All kids think critically and understand the consequences of their actions, and always act in their own best interests.

No one would use this product contrary to or allow it to fall into the hands of anyone that can't abide by the above conditions.

Yep, you are right, as long as the conditions above hold true, there is no danger. However the CPSC did set some guidelines about toys kids might play with. They are being sold to dumb kids and parents, not just adults. Enough injuries have happened to precipitate the concern and actions + they don't meet CPS guidelines.

I do agree it seems over-protective, but I see the point.

And the query was, "Why was the deal deleted?"


@tpscan: So then by your logic, everything that could ever be potentially harmful to anyone should be outlawed.

The point I was trying to make there was that the company took a reasonable number of steps to try and make sure that these things didn't happen and in my opinion shouldn't be responsible.

The post was about Buckyballs in general, not an answer to OP. That was earlier.

EDIT: I also never said there was no danger. Most anything used improperly can pose some degree of danger.


@thedogma: No, not really my logic, I'm just trying to take a position that might justify a ban as a counter point.

My personal opinion is that life is dangerous and survival of the fittest still applies. Trying to remove all risk from life is impossible; at some point, has diminishing returns. We can never, and should never try to make life too safe. We get soft, stale, bored and stupid.

However, I did have some Bucky Balls. They were fun for a short while, but the balls are really small and a few always seemed to get left behind. The grand kids were fascinated. I was more worried they'd get caught in the vacuum or cause a slip-and-fall event. After a while I tucked them away.

But I agree the CPSC does have guidelines about the size and composition of things made to appeal to kids. The balls are too small to meet the rules. They have been implicated in serious injuries. It is wise for the CPSC to pressure the manufacturer to make changes. Lawsuits are one way to negotiate.


@tpscan: That's fair enough. I guess I'm just looking at it from a defense for BBs perspective haha


@thedogma: liability for what? nothing is sold here just sharing information.


@wadekind: They can be held responsible just for selling it if someone gets hurt, I believe. Lets say someone were to buy the product from Woot, and then gets hurt. They'd likely go after the retailer as well as the company who produced the product.


@thedogma: Woot does not sell the items they host a forum where members share links that go to 3rd party sellers outside the woot domain.


@wadekind: Well deals.woot, yeah.

I dunno, these are all just stabs in the dark. The ultimate answer is that it's Woot's playground. Look at the link @inkycatz provided. I'm sure there's a better answer than I can provide in prior threads