questionscould anyone point me to a deal on insanity or…


@w00tgurl: typically, I go to ebay for stuff like this.


@iggz: cough its why i don't wpost movies cough


just how fat are you?
remember, the chinese knockoffs contain lead and cadmium.


600 pounds i would not recommend p90x or insanity, these workouts are nothing to write off. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and she says they kick her butt. supposedly insanity burns on average 1000 calories per workout


@kamikazeken: i would consider myself big-boned, or pleasantly plump, or fluffy.

i've never heard of those dangers in the knockoffs. could you elaborate? i don't want to risk my health over dangerous weight loss programs


@w00tgurl: 600lb is very reasonable amount to lose. I myself have about 700 or 800 pounds to lose. I plan on doing the bourbon and marshmallow diet to lose it. You should probably try it.


@coolphilip04: yes, i thought so too. i am a very confident person and can do whatever i put my mind to. there are some new p90x and insanity deals posted today, i may check those out.

any spam, i mean.. links for the bourbon and marshmallow diet? i'd even eat tapeworms at this point! summer's coming up


I want to believe that someone (not naming any names here, but you can guess) is pulling our collective leg. A need to lose 600 pounds would put a person at a 700+ pound weight. Stupid television shows aside, that's a dangerous amount of weight to carry around, and sudden exercise routines that are obviously not the norm for a person of that size could easily cause heart failure, a stroke, or other major health event.

What I suspect happened is that the OP posted 600 when 60 was meant, and is now just having a bit of fun. Might as well; it's Tuesday.

On the assumption that losing 60 lb is the goal:

Only the OP can now her current state of health, and whether or not such exertion would be helpful, or dangerous. There are people who are 50 or more pounds overweight, but lead an active life, and are not couch potatoes. There are others who are within the appropriate weight range, and do nothing. Obviously they'd be more at risk.

Is it really 600, or are you messing with Wooter Minds?


@w00tgurl: Um... well.... I invented the diet. You breakfast on bourbon, lunch on the mallows, and have bourbon for supper. You'll lose weight. Be sure to take vitamins, though.


@iggz: Yeah, we need a picture of @w00tgurl in a sexy outfit, TO HELP YOU!


Free Beer and Hot Wings show runs a 90-day guarantee with it if you aren't worried about the price.
That's how I ended up getting my P90x and I can say it is worth every penny. if you are interested in the guarantee, right hand side of the page.


Er, I interpreted this post as honestly a satire about the fact that someone keeps creating accounts and spamming the fresh tab with 87,000 "deals" on this insanity workout everyday, that I keep tattling on as spam. It's getting old.


@ocheri, you have any plus size outfits for our 600lb friend to make the pics interesting?


@kamikazeken: i'd need about 4 ohcheri thongs pieced together to take the sexy pic. that's why i need p90x. you guys can peek at my ankle for now

@tiamat114 i've been doing the same :(


You're going to be hard pressed to find an actual deal on a Beachbody product. They have their supply chain locked up pretty tight. Anything that's a good deal is likely fake. Maybe used, probably fake.

I have done both (and am currently mid cycle with Insanity) - if you aren't already in good shape, don't bother with Insanity. You'll be hunched over sucking air the entire time. You may leave the DVD on and "get through" the workout by doing 35% of the moves, but you won't see results.

Try P90X. I started P90X when I was about 285 pounds. 90 days later, I was 240 pounds. Yeah, half a pound a day. P90X is slower paced, better scalable to your fitness level, and has better technique coaching than Insanity does. It's also plenty hard - don't take away that I'm saying "Insanity hard P90X easy." Both workouts have left me wringing sweat out of my shirt (literally, I have done that). P90X is also a bit more flexible - you'll notice it when you're in it.



That said, spend the $120 on P90X. It isn't worth trying to find a deal, it won't happen. Otherwise, acquire it through less than ethical and legal means, I guess. But seriously, it's not that expensive.

Also, tangental, but make a commitment to eating right. Both Insanity and P90X include a nutrition guide (and a meal plan, if you are so inclined) - I never stuck to the plan, but have read the guides. It's really just eating what you know is healthy - grilled chicken instead of breaded, eating a salad instead of a burger, etc. You may also consider some supplements along the way.

Last thought - both P90X and Insanity are addicting. It's 6:27AM - I'm hitting submit, getting dressed, and pushing play on Insanity Cardio Recovery.


I have never done these workouts, but they must be intense judging by the sheer numbers of people on Craigslist trying to sell them off.

Oh, PS. Search on Craigslist.