questionsare you able to get ammo or pistols in your area?


@philosopherott: Not sure what area you're in, but I just got back from French Creek Outfitters in Phoenixville and they just got a shipment of ammo in. They had a bunch of stuff.


@davidschronic: I own a .22 caliber rifle, but I didn't run out and spend all my money so I could horde ammo I don't need. When I say it "backfired" I mean that the guns and ammo some people love so much are now hard to find because those same type of people went crazy and cleared the shelves. If reason had prevailed over fear, there would be no ammo shortage.
I agree it's good for the gun economy, so I can't complain there. I just worry that these folks will be spending less elsewhere because they spent all their cash all on guns and ammo. Overall, it might not improve the economy.

@inkycatz: My bad.


@inkycatz: Oh come on, just having a little fun :)


@davidschronic @bsmith1: Let's not make this personal or start bringing around stereotypes.

That way leads to madness and post deletions and why we can't have nice things like civil conversations on controversial topics.


@bsmith1: I don't get it... Is the point that you are so advanced that you are above gun ownership? How has this "backfired"? Gun manufacturers are making record profits and I have made more on Ruger stock than I can count in the last 12 months. I see your point though, only rednecks with southern accents still buy guns and ammo. If only they could see what you see.


I find it all pretty amusing. The conservative party is known for their fear mongering tactics to get votes, but this time it has backfired (pun intended) on them.

Oh no, theys a-gunna ban mah ammo and guns!
(buys all guns and ammo)
Oh no, we is all out of ammo and guns!


@philosopherott: Here is the link to the show info.
This group does shows in various locations in PA, you will see one listed for next weekend, just not as close as the one in Oaks in March. We have been to the one at Oaks many times, it is usually quite good with a large selection. If you go be sure to follow the directions on the website (GPS is misleading) and don't forget to print out your coupon to save $1 on admission.


@mkdr: where is the show i would be very interisted in going.


In this enlightened age of Obama, who needs guns and ammo anyhow?! No but really, all stores in my area sold out of most everything (we still believe in the second amendment here in NV). I got the last 50 rds of 9mm at Wallyworld on Saturday by some stroke of luck but there has been nothing. I havent even been out to shoot the last couple months because I don't want to burn through my stock. I agree that after this blows over, prices will once again become reasonable (for a time) and people who stocked now will be dealing for cash at far less than they paid.


i hear this happens periodically and things go back to normal. some stores were out of ammo for months in '08-'09


We've been looking and haven't found much. Stopped at Bass Pro in Harrisburg two weeks ago and the shelves were practically bare. thanks for the tip about Targetmaster @philosopherott, going to check them out - not too far from us. There is a gun show in March that we will check out,


lots of small mom and pop shops have ammo, the "gun" stores don't. I know people who went out and bought all the ammo and high capacity magazines they could get their hands on. THey are now selling for 2-3x what they paid for it. Wish I had thought of that, a little profit never hurts. THe one guy told me he bought a skid of .223 ammo, and is now selling it by the case for big money.


AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation wide shortage
of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as
possible w/ of 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by
L.E. and civilians are third in line.
MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags, do not expect any large quantities of magpul
anytime soon.
RELOADERS... ALL Remington, Winchester, CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo
FIRST. There are no extra's for reloading purposes... it could be 6-9 months
before things get caught up.

As an aside, one of my husband's favorite local gun shop had to "borrow" several hundred rounds of a certain caliber of ammo from him in order to keep up with demand. Mr. LaV had happened upon a marvelous sale a few years back and picked up quite a bit at bargain prices (our family loves to plink at the range). He says it's absolutely crazy what is going on & knows what it's like to have ones country take away ones guns.


The following was forwarded to me today:
Smith & Wesson-is running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/day-mainly M&P
pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages.

RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.

FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1.

Remington: Maxed out 750-800 weapons a day

Armalite: Maxed out.

DPMS: Can't get enough parts to produce any more product.

COLT: Production runs increasing weekly...bottle necked by Bolt carrier's.

LWRC: Making only black guns, running at full capacity...can't get enough gun
quality steel to make barrels.

Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand but are running 30-45 days



Crazy people are hoarding because they think that guns will be banned. It's been going on for years, but it's been accelerated by the recent scandal.


We have a great shop here, they have a decient supply of the more expensive 9mm ammo, plinking rounds they can hardly keep up with demand. Also they are not raising their prices on their ammo or weapons. They say their suppliers have not rasied their prices and they will not gouge their coustomers, pretty great place to buy from IMHO.


Yes, ammo is scarce, you can thank the "I've turn it for a profit" jerks for that. Want to see real fun? Try having an entire industry stuck in limbo because Cuomo's gun ban doesn't make sense and no one knows what they can sell.


Just bought 1000 .40 cal (32cpr) and 1000 9mm (26cpr) from a manufacturer in my area of Michigan... 2-3 week back order.


A bushmaster I was looking at in October ($800.00 then) is now over $1800.00 an they limit the amount of bulk (700+) ammo you can buy ( I don't really buy in bulk) at the range because they can't keep enough in stock and want to make sure that everyone has some. They wanted over $500 just for the striped lower of a colt LE. Pistols are fewer as well but not as hard to come buy as 5.56 and 7.62 guns are right now. It is easy to get just plain ball for my 9's and 22 is always easy, but Critical defense is hard to get in the few places I have looked.

@coondogg97: If you are in the philly area Targetmaster off 202 in Concord has ammo. At least they did a couple days ago.


We have been unable to find ammo and decided to go to a gun show. For a 50 round box of 9mm, they wanted $99.99 for it. This ammo, we were able to buy for >$30 before Obummer decided to attempt to trample on our rights. A box of 250 count .40 cal was $175, and had been $80.

I was about to buy my husband a new rifle for Valentine's Day, but what is the use of purchasing one when you can not buy ammo? Kind of dumb, but my brother-in-law just bought a new gun for which he has no ammo.

Up until a week ago, we were able to buy all types of ammo from our gun range. All the other places had been sold out for quite a while. So glad we can make reloads.


@eraten: They say the President is one heck of a gun salesman.


Ammo is hit and miss, mostly miss. I found some white box Remington at a Walmart, the local one you need to check everyday. They get a case now and then of some Serbian 9mm but you're only allowed 3 boxes. They had a case of .223 sell out in 3 hours.
Guns stores are empty, pistols and rifles are a crapshoot too. When I bought my last pistol, the store had two boxes of 9mm, 20 rd. JHP.
I have purchased ammo online from 3 places without a problem and it arrives quick. Even those places you need to check all the time.


Our Walmart (as example) was sold out of EVERYTHING 3 weeks ago. They got in a small shipment, but limited the number you could buy and the selection was sparse to say the least - I noticed Friday their shelves were nearly empty again. Haven't been anywhere to check on handgun availability, but I've got a couple friends involved with the gun show crowd (one holds an FFL) and things are backordered up to 2 years.

I'm waiting for the clowns that went and bought cases of ammo to start realizing they need money for other things and to start selling off their "investments" at bargain basement prices.


Every store here is out of every cartridge except 7mm and .45 Colt it seems. I managed to pick up some .45 ACP HPs a few weeks ago, but I don't want to waste those at the range. I'm willing to bet the fear of weapons restrictions has actually done more for the economy than anything else this administration has tried.