questionswho do you think won the vp debate last night or…


I think that if you choose between Presidential candidates based on VP candidates, you are making a mistake.


On an entertainment level: Biden. (no contest) In regards to actual debate topics I feel that both candidates did well. I was pleasantly surprised that Biden was much more controlled than I had expected. Ryan did well, but when you're debating a man with significantly more political and life experience (30 years Ryan's senior) it can be an uphill battle. In the end, it truthfully doesn't matter as most people are not influenced by VP debates.

One note to remember that voting based on the VP is still important. If things were to happen to the president, the VP will become the president, something many don't pay attention to.


@studerc: You are right about the VP being important, but to base you vote on the VP candidate is a mistake when the candidates themselves are so different. My vote would only be decided by a VP candidate if the Presidential candidates are even in my mind, which does not seem possible which such divergent views in this case.

I do not think anybody is likely to forget who is next in line.


Why do people think there needs to be a winner. There were comment made and counter comments. It is up to the viewer to decide who the better candidate would be based on those comments.

You might find that some points sounded better coming from the VP and others from the Congressman. Why assign a winner or loser -- just take the information that was said and use that when deciding for whomever you're going to vote.


Hmm, with the choices we have I'm going to have to say the American people lost.


It was a bunch of malarkey.

On that note, it was more entertaining than the Pres. debate. Whereas POTUS and Romney were well-polished, Biden and Ryan were much more contentious with one another. Mad dog Joe was let off his leash for one round.

These debates have been a sincere waste of time. What's next, FLOTUS debates?


It's obvious who the winner of the debate was. It was whichever candidate you already support.


I skipped elephants vs donkeys, in favor of birds vs piggies. :-)


I dont think you wanted a explanation, justa answer.

Ryan won. Biden is a idiot...


@joshaw: Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth. :)


Okay, I am not a Kool-Aid drinker for either party.
I tend to lean conservative, but I would not call myself a Republican.
I enjoyed the debate. Both candidates really did well and hammered home some important issues for their respective tickets.
I would think of it more as a tie, perhaps shifted a bit toward Biden.
Biden 51%, Ryan 49%.


@klynb: God, how patronizing. I honestly bake better (and more often) than all the other women in my family. I'm a guy by the way...

I also want be clear that I meant that the Presidential debates are useless and bad enough that we don't need VP debates. FLOTUS debates would only add to the pointless stupidity.

That article brings up an interesting point though. When we have a female Presidential nominee from one of the two major parties, what will the FHOTUS equivalent to a bake-off be? A jerk-off?


I enjoyed the veep debate; they were both on their game. Biden did score a few points on the young whipper-snapper, though.

@curtisuxor: Surely the FGOTUS equivalent to a bake-off would be a barbeque-off. You know, manly-type cooking.


Wow, no clue there were this many damn liberals on woot. Gonna have to change sites now...