questionshas anyone else experienced some time related…


The past couple of days a number of my posts that were in reply to someone else's also ended up before theirs. Super-powers. Enjoy.


It's just a glitch or something with the latest "algorithm". It's all for the betterment of us humans.


I will reply to this thread yesterday.


Yeah, I saw this a few times as well.

curtisuxor /_\
2 minutes from now

I'm just surprised that their script has something that outputs this message, like they prepared for it.


I happened to me once when I posted a deal a couple of days ago. When I checked fresh deals after I posted it, it showed up with no duplicates before or after it. About 25 minutes later a deal showed up posted before mine. I know it wasn't there when I first looked.


Yes, but I like posting 3 minutes in the future. Kinda makes me feel like Nick Cage in "Next". Would be cool to use outside of Woot though.