questionswhat are your money saving laundry tips?


For each load I use about half of the amount of detergent that the instructions call for. Clothes still come out perfectly clean.

I picked this tip up on the internets somewhere...


Save on detergent. Stick the laundry in the fridge for a few days. Comes out smelling nice and fresh. Or like spoiled milk.


Only issue I have is how much our Apartment complex charges for loads!
also the fact the dryer is crap and have to put loads in TWICE!


I live in an apartment and just don't use the dryer. I have a drying rack and hang my clothes up to dry in my apartment. I only use the dryer for stuff like sheets and towels. Hang drying the clothes does take a while when it's humid, but fall through spring is usually quite dry here, so stuff dries pretty quickly.

(If you get to the point when you really have to save on laundry, you can do the laundry with the old-fashioned winery style in the bath tub.)


Using amazon subscribe and save you can find good deals on detergent, bleach and softeners. Hang dry helps, only do full loads not small loads, and my fav do laundry at parents (or someone elses) house.


Wash everything in cold water. Use Dawn dishwashing detergent on grease stains and they still come out in cold water.


Homemade detergent (borax, washing soda, and fels naptha, all purchased from Winco), front loader (off Craigslist) at 1/5th the new price, and line dry.

Someone was trying convince me go solar. "My last three months of electric bills didn't even total $90. So how is leasing your setup at $125 a month, going to save me money?"

"Ummm. Yeah. It won't."


get into couponing. there are moneymakers or freebies every week at cvs/walgreens/riteaid, and once you built up your reserves of their play-money (extrabucks/register rewards/+up rewards) use that to pay for your detergent. I usually spend less than $1 out-of-pocket for a 32-load bottle of ALL detergent, and around $2.50 for a 32 load bottle of TIDE.


^^^^^ extreme couponer! :)

i just washed today and since the dryers in my building run overly hot, sometimes i combine drying loads so i only pay for 1 dryer for 2 washed loads. i also buy the cheaper fabric softener sheets that still smell good, usually from the dollar store. use ALL or arm & hammer for detergent since they're usually on sale. and i stock up when on sale, just keep the extras behind my open bottle