questionswhat happens if a popular question/deal is…


People cry.

The world ends.

The internet dies.

Global warming gets worse.

These are all just theories of course.


Like sands through an hourglass, these are the deals of our lives.


@kamikazeken: Actualy Kittens die since the internet is made of cats.


two known feature decisions:

1. You can only down-vote in a balanced relation to your upvotes within a 24 hour rolling period. We may tweak whether you have to bank some upvotes first, or the precise balance ratio as we go to drive the healthiest site activity.

2. An item "Going Popular" is an irrevocable system event for a variety of reasons. Once popular, it may be voted down to oblivion on it's Woot counter, but it will not become unpopular (i.e. it won't go off the front page). You must work in advance to proactively not like something before it becomes popular to effectively curate the popular page.

11 days ago


@coolphilip04: Ah, thanks for finding the answer. I knew it had been posted somewhere but I suck at searching...


This is a great question.

As @snapster said before an item "going popular" is an event that cannot be undone. The only way to control what shows up on the popular tab is to vote on the fresh tab.

But now that the community has had a few days to play around with down voting, does this still seem natural?


@shawnmiller: It seems natural to me. The black and purple triangles mainly hang out in the fresh tab and we usually decide what hits the front page. Usually because it's a good deal. If it were able to be knocked off popular we couldn't have another Night of the Living Zippy or outer space Crab Invasion.


@shawnmiller: No. Down-voting has significantly lessened my pleasure with the site. Most of it seems to be nonsensical.


@magic cave: I completely agree with you. Either you downvote because the deal isn't a deal (which you can use a tattle for), or you downvote because you personally don't like the item (which is a stupid reason to downvote - a non-vote would suffice.)