questionsdo you use tracking software like prey or hidden?


With names like those, I'm not sure if I want to. What is their purpose?


If you computer (or phone) gets stolen, you file a 'report' on the website and the software can use GPS/WiFi to help you find it, snap pics of the thief, stuff like that.


i use prey. no complaints. it (unfortunately) doesn't function like a rootkit though, so it's easy to find and uninstall if the thief successfully logs on to the system.

also know that if the system is password protected and he/she formats the machine it's a lost cause.

if it's pw protected and they turn it on and fiddle with the logon screen for a while, the OS still has to find and connect to a WAP before it will upload anything; and that'll only happen if you've connected to a WAP of the same SSID previously.

best case scenario: machine with guest account (risky) is stolen and they logon using that and you obtain reports that way.

this kind of software sounds good on the surface but there are a lot of technical restrictions that prevent them from simply providing you a report containing your stolen hardware's location when you prompt it to do so.


I use Qustodio. Free, light weight and easy to configure, it has certain features that even beat the paid apps. You can Google for it.


@markmiller77e: you seem to be doing quite a bit of pro-bono marketing for that program on a number of websites. i don't suppose you have anything to do with it, do you? nah....of course not.