questionscan you guess what pemberducky's cake will look…


I'm late to the party on this one - a little background pls to assist with guessing. :)


@ittybittyx: I was very close to quitting Woot forever until the community kinda opened my eyes why I stick around... (that and PemberDucky offered me cake to stay !!)

who can pass up cake??


did you have any input on the cake, or is it totally up to the baker?

German Chocolate is sticking in my head, but prolly 'cuz I would really like a slice of that right now. Hmmm....

I'm guessing some sort of fondant and piped words will be involved....gonna think on this one.


Well, yesterday was national cheesecake day...


It will look like it went through the postal service.. duh :)


I'd think some sort of cake that doesn't come with frosting. A pound cake or something similar would survive the mail better.


Enjoy the cake, man. I'm casting my vote as lemon with buttercream frosting.


As I prefer the metric system, I vote for a 0.453 kilogram cake.


Angel food. No frosting to get ruined in the mail and super cheap to ship. :-)


If I had to guess I'd say it'd be a red frosted cake with a white exclamation point in it. I'm curious how a cake is shipped.

Also just a heads up @pemberducky if there really is a cake (AKA the cake isn't a lie) get ready for a slew of I-think-I'm-gonna-quit-woot posts.

However, I will not be one of them. I won't threaten to quit I'll just slowly drift away until it's like I was never here at all. Then years later I will swing by woot HQ, park down the street, turn up Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" and weep while thinking about all the good times we had, and wondering why I was so stupid to let you go.


(startrekreference) It's a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting. Would you like a bite? (/startrekreference)
Seriously though, if the cake was in the shape of Counsellor Troi, I probably wouldn't eat it. However, sometimes a cake is just a cake...


Fruitcake. To punish you for thinking of quitting.


@ittybittyx: Ok really wierd - I walked into our cafeteria at work today and there is German chocolate cake! Fresh baked this morning after I complained they had been tempting us with a cake scented candle but not actually having any cake for the last few days. I hadn't mentioned any specific type of cake ... Hmmm


If @PemberDucky is as clever as I think, I wouldn't be surprised to see you receive a cake-in-a-jar.


I don't even know what it is, she hasn't told me.


I'm thinking minty fresh urinal cake, direct from Woot HQ.


@inkycatz: In the dark like the rest of us? That could be bad...


@jezebelseven: Replace the traveling DOC with the traveling Fruitcake. I still hold out that there is really only 1 fruitcake in the world, it just gets passed around that often.


all i can say is this: in the true fashion of everything we do, it will both disappoint and delight all at once.


flavour: refurbished
design: just ducky.

no1 no1

I hope it's not coming via SmartPost.


unfortunately the tweet that @schrobblehead has posted is a little misleading. that's my fault. a couple of cakes were made. i thought the frowny face was funny.

the package on its way to @devexityspace....well, it's different.


incidentally, and possibly unrelated:

man, you guys are good.


Wait a minute... this means...

You made two cakes!?