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OMG! I forgot to mention Animal House! He co-wrote that one, I think!


Favorite movie: Groundhog Day
Favorite song: Ghostbusters (What else?)
Favorite character: Ghostbuster's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Now, there is the star of many of my nightmares)

And the barnabee goes to.... Harold Ramis!

Aww gee, I'm gonna miss him.


@nmchapma: Yeah, she's smooth. All she has to do is bat her big, brown (blue?) eyes and give that innocent, little look and @thunderthighs just melts. :)


@belyndag: First you give me an apple to eat and now you tell me I need greens. What, you don't like my diet?


When I was much younger, my dad and I used to watch comedies such as "Animal House" and "Caddyshack" and laugh ourselves silly. We shared the same sense of humor and it was our bonding time. Mom always felt a little left out, she didn't enjoyed the comedies like we did. Dad passed 12 years ago, but I can make mom laugh today by carrying on Dad's silly legacy.
RIP Harold Ramis


Great question ;-)

Is there an unfavorite one ? Impossible.
Such talent -- writing, directing, acting producing and whatever else there is.
So many classic lines that are ingrained in our pop culture.

Animal House was the basis for so many good parties back in the day.
Caddy Shack.
Ghost Busters
Groundhogs Day
Are my favs. I can't pick one. Sorry.
He took a sweet turn in "Knocked Up" a few years ago as Seth Rogen's character's Dad.

And the best part is remembering the friends I watched them with. The fun we had.

Thanks Mr. Ramis. I thoroughly enjoyed all those laughs, they were{and are} good for my soul. I'm sure I will have many more as I watch them again and again. Peace.


I'll remember him most for his role in Knocked Up. Awesome flick.


@ceagee and @bsmith1: I still haven't watched Knocked Up. Guess I need to start looking for that one!


I was hoping to see some companies start offering deals on items connected to Harold Ramis, but one of the items I posted yesterday, the Egon Spendler Action Figure, has had a price INCREASE overnight. Had to expire it already, dang it!


My boys had a complete set of Ghostbusters action figures when they were kids. I don't know if they're in the attic, but I might have to go look. Loved Egon! I will go look for some deals now, too. I haven't posted anything in a while but this gives me some ideas.


"Hey, I once got my ass kicked in Wisconsin."

Thanks for all the laughs, Harold - you'll be missed but you'll also be remembered!