questionscan anyone help me find a silent micro fridge?


For the link:

Shrdlu says: Please remove link. Thanks in advance.

For poster. In all kindness, please provide the following information. We're an old-fashioned country. We'd prefer inches to centimeters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and so on. Is the medication you speak of Insulin?

We'd like to help, but also need to know the country of origin for you, since I suspect that shipping charges from Amazon in Seattle are going to be brutal.


@shrdlu: I can't seem to edit my first post, the edit button seems to have disappeared.

Also I listed the temp in Celsius, never once did I mention Fahrenheit. But I've converted the CM to Inches for you, I always preferred CM myself.

35cm = 13.7 inches
20cm = 7.8 inches

It's actually Human Growth Hormone, it's from Pfizer, it's my prescription as I've got a GH deficiency.

Also please don't worry about the country I'm from. I'm that desperate to find a product like this that I wouldn't care about the shipping costs.

Thanks for the reply, any ideas?


@tickles14: No worries on the not being able to edit. You can only do that for the first five minutes after you've posted. The request for the removal of the link was not directed at you, and I should add that I'm not all that concerned. Kudos to you for responding. We so often see accounts created to ask questions, and while I downvote most of them, you will note that I just voted yours up.

I have absolutely no deal finding ability, but am about to drag people in here that I've seen posting various helpful deals, including @zippy the pinhead and @mtm2 just as a beginning. I'm guessing you've already looked on Amazon, and done the standard google searches.

Everything I could find in a cursory search had unpleasant reviews. For example:

Good luck. Hopefully others will step in too.


@tickles14: I am now officially entertaining myself. Take a look at this Target link.

Some of those seem promising.

Where did you say you looked again?


@shrdlu: Thanks, appreciate all the help.

However, I think I may have found something different, I thought outside the box and found something. However, it's something I know absolutely nothing about as I've just read about it 10 mins ago. It's called a Peltier Module, there's a site with these Modules already built up with a heatsink and fan in place, some even have water cooling. I'm not sure though, if they are powerful enough to act as a refrigerator.

The ambient temperature for the past week has been around 14-17 Celsius. The seller of the module is claiming it can drop the ambient temp by 10 Celsius, is there any truth to this?


@tickles14: I wouldn't rely on that claim for medicine. Here's an article on buying silent mini-fridges:

This is somewhat larger than your specs but is just about perfect otherwise, intended for medical storage:

Ebay has a bunch:

Try googling for Insulin Refrigerator or Medical Refrigerator


@moondrake: Thanks for the help, appreciate the reply.

I've tried the insulin coolers on eBay, in fact I bought what the Chinese class as a better model, it was more expensive. It worked ok, but it was just too noisy. I want silence or as near to silence as I can get.

The first link you gave me is getting close to what I want. It would almost be perfect apart from the dimensions are a tad too big. If the width was smaller then I could have been fine with the rest of the dimensions.

Also I'm not completely sold on the Peltier idea, but I like the concept of it and the kits that others have made and are selling, I'm currently inquiring for more information about them so I can see if it's what I'm looking for or not.

Please keep the replies coming, it's really helpful, I appreciate them a lot.


I was going to question why a new user would open an account here in order to immediately ask a question, which is a favorite tactic of spammers using embedded links to drive traffic to a particular website.
As it appears you are bonafide in your request, and after a Google search returned only 'compact' and 'portable/auto' units, I would suggest contacting hospitals and service organizations that might deal with these issues regularly. Possibly diabetic support networks, as I am aware that insulin needs to be refrigerated.


I'd never heard of anything like this, but I can certainly see the purpose; I am, however, lost on why the "silent or near silent" is an issue. Might have been explained above but I haven't seen it - sorry if so.

@zippy the pinhead is right; look at medical uses to include potential in "third world" countries where they may need to transport medical supplies well away from the norm in "civilized" areas.


If you require silent operation, thermoelectric/peltier are the only way to go. Normal fridges use a compressor and can make a little bit of noise, but ordinary mini fridges are still relatively quiet.

They are not that good, so you want the smallest one that will work. If you can find one made to hold only 1-3 cans of soda, that's ideal.

You really can't use it anywhere even inside where it's very warm at all. If it's under 20 degrees celsius where you are keeping it, that's ideal.

You'll have more success if you can tolerate the minimal noise of a compressor-run mini fridge.


By George, I think he's got it! (Or maybe not?)
Took me a few days, but I think I found something.
It's an Insulin fridge, so since that's what you originally linked to I'm guessing it should suit you:
The ClimaPak!

* 5-day max battery life
* 4.8 x 2.3 x 6.7 inches
* 1.4lbs
* -Completely Silent-
* Controllable temperature, couldn't find exact ranges, I'd contact the company if you can't Google it. This could be a deal-breaker.

It seems extremely expensive for what it is, but it sounds like that's not an issue.

If this doesn't suit your needs, you might consider a DIY set-up similar to this (sans the fan?):
Peltier tiles/TEC's are extremely easy to work with, so I wouldn't be intimidated.