questionshow often do you regret impulse buying?


Except for shirt.woot (because I already know what to expect), very rarely do I buy on impulse. My expectations do adjust depending on the deal, but even for $5 items, I do my homework.


Can I regret only buying 1 jar of Nutella?

I actually regret buying a lot of things. One thing I would say is my surround sound system. I can't use it for carp with my neighbors having super hearing.

There are so many factors that would make you regret buying something D:


@zzzaap: I didn't even think about my Neighbors..! i'm actually looking to buy a surround sound system and i didn't realize that they would probably hear everything.. since they are above me and on each side of my apartment.. well there goes another impulse buy i don't have to worry about lol!

which sound system do you have?


Yes, I was in a music store for the first time in quite a while, I was there for a specific cd, and ended up with a half dozen. I got home before it really hit me how much I had just spent on cd's that I listen to on grooveshark for free. So, absolutely I regret buying certain things.


The Vizio looks pretty solid for the money. It all depends on what you expect out of it. Some tablets seem to be more geared toward playing games and reading books, some are more media/internet oriented. I have a Touchpad and I am currently returning a Kindle Fire. Both very different tablets in the way they perform and user experience.

Hmm..I was worried about buying a radiating heater a few weeks ago. I hit the Buy button and then started reading about how all these people saw the heater at Costco and ended up returning them and I had a bit of buyers remorse. As it turns out, it's a great heater and I'm really pleased with it.


I learned not to impulse buy, which may sound strange in light of the fact that I like deals.woot - but it kind of surprises me how often I decide I'd like to have (such-and-such item) and start shopping around for one, and within a few days it pops up as the woot of the day, or a sponsored deal or posted deal, and it's coincidentally just the one that's right for me. Or I walk into a store and there it is, on sale. It happens fairly regularly - sometimes it almost feels like I'm creating the things I want out of thin air, and more and more, I find myself almost expecting things to show up shortly after I make my decision that I definitely want one.

Kinda strange sometimes, but I've learned to just make my decision, then practice patience and pay attention until it appears.


@sennetb: I forget. In know it was Logitech, though. I would take a look at it, but I have the system to my parents.


I don't have too many remorseful purchases. Usually though I start with remorse before I ever buy anything. So I hem-and-haw a lot and miss a number of deals because I research everything. When I feel comfortable, I buy it.

After it shows up and I realize I already bought it (insert number) months ago, then buyers remorse kicks in again. ;) (It's only happened a couple of times, so I created a database to track certain purchases.)

I think buyers remorse is natural. It's a way of gifting the items we truly don't need or have bought to friends and family (or charities). Of course guilty pleasures aside, there's just some things we just gotta have (buyers remorse by damned)!


The minute I find it cheaper someplace else.