questionsshould deals be limited to new/free items or…


I believe the rules require there to be at least 10 of the exact item described in the deal available for purchase. It's unlikely a person would have 10 of exactly the same "used" item available for sale in exactly the same "used" condition.

That said, there are many deals on here for "refurbished" items which you could say are "used".


@ohcheri: I thought that the 10 was a rule too but it turns out that it isn't. The OP didn't mention eBay so what if he wanted to post a link to a product on Newegg that was refurbished. That meets his criteria of being used.


I'm pretty sure these sorts of deals are already being posted - Secondipity often offers products that are used.


We all know the rules are a constantly moving target anyway :-)


Cowboom also does the USED thing, and those deals can be quite good and get many upvotes...a DEAL is a DEAL.

An absurd example of a deal on a USED item that I want posted..."slightly used $100 bill...$1.00 and free shipping"

I only use this absurd example to show that an item can be USED and still a great deal.


Last weekend I posted a deal for 50% off used books at It got a lot of up votes and some positive feedback. As long as it's specifically stated that the items are used, it's still a good deal, comes from a reputable source and is something that you would normally buy used (books, movies, some electronics, etc) I think the deals should be allowed.


Refurbs, Yes. Used unrefurbished, NO!


@coreyking: What if they are used books, DVDs, games, etc... Can't refurb those!

I'm good with used things. A deal is a deal, and I understand the difference between new, used and refurb.


If ohcheri starts selling used stuff I'm outta here.


Let the used crowd in...they're people too!


@durkzilla: You're right. Half the time they are "featured."