questionswant to test the leaderboard?


I have tried to get to #1 but There does not seem to be enough rep improving means around. Lots of competition too.


Sort of wallowing in the netherland of apathy. Been to the point where I asked "Who Cares." At that time, I stopped voting on anything for 3 months. Did answer questions that called to me.

Odd thing...I ended up at number 1 again when I came back & vocalized when @jumbowoot & others left.

The leaderboard is, IMO, no more than a joke. Listing know..the whole point of deals is so low on the algorithm that it's not funny. IOW One does not have to list a deal on deals to attain a high ranking. How stupid is that?

Yes, I DO understand that the remaining staff is stressed and spread rather thin. (Thank you @shrdlu; I hear you.) Yes...they're stretched thin, but there's SO little participation. What's it take to work tattles, monitor the deals/questions?

Yup! It's, IMO, total apathy. No voting on sponsored deals. Diminished to the point of low voting on deals that members submit.

What are you thinking staff?


My rep dropped down into the 60's recently (from mid-80's). Once upon a time I cracked the top 10 or 15 (very briefly). Of course I pretty much just hang out over on the questions side and don't vote or comment on anything unless I am particularly interested in the comment/question/deal. Every once in awhile I actually look at the deals, but it's very rare anymore.


As I've pointed out a couple times recently, I used to be a guy who would bounce around between roughly #30-60 on the leaderboard, occasionally cracking the top 15 for a day or two, the day after posting one of my occasional questions or very occasional deals. For the past month or so, as overall participation has dropped, I've been hovering right around #10. I haven't posted a deal in 2 months or more, and I think I've only posted one question in that time. But I do answer questions on a semi-regular basis. And that seems to keep my rank up now. What this tells me, is that there are probably 20 or more members, who used to be frequent contributors, who no longer bother. All the changes at Woot have turned them off. Some of them probably still visit occasionally, but they're no longer posting great deals and being so active. I don't visit as much as I used to, either. It's sad to see this site decline like it has.


@djp519: sounds like a decent theory.


I think clicks and responses to questions posted add to rep points, too, so here is my contribution.


Now down to 23 on the board (no change in my "Top Questioners" rating - 73.73)


@morriea, I believe that the reputation algorithm has not changed for quite some time, certainly not in the past 6-8 months. Based on prior knowledge and examination, here are some things you may expect.

The change in your reputation based on this question will take a few days to show up, and will ONLY last until your question has moved to the "next" page, where "next" still seems to be 16th in the list of "popular" questions. This is because the pages previously held only 15 questions/deals. Things that will affect the results of this question include other questions and their popularity, number of page views and votes, and comments (both on this one, and on nearby questions).

Your reputation is also affected by comments you have made, and whether they are voted up or not. Other things that contribute are (in this approximate order) voting on deals, voting on questions, voting on the comments of others.

[Continued, to no one's surprise]


[Page 2] In addition, @morriea, things that will affect your reputation include these interesting items.

How long you've been active here, on the Deals side (not the length of your account on Woot). The reason that matters is that it seems to have an inverse relationship to your total activity. It's a math thing. 1000 hours of activity divided by the magic divisor is going to be a larger number than 24 hours of activity divided by that same number, and this somehow is used in the total to reduce the value of any particular contribution.

How many of those other people in the top two categories are still active. In other words, even though I continue to slowly fall, every time I do something, whether it's add a comment, ask a question, or do a little voting, it affects the rest of you. @lavikinga may also be blamed, although she's no where near as active as she was. Then again, neither am I.



[Page 3] I can't help it, you know.

One of the original reasons that kept me around was trying to figure out the math behind the Reputation system. Every time I'd think I had it, they'd change it, just a bit. For a while, I was saving out the reputation of me, and theflounder, four or five times a day, just to do comparisons of the effects of various items. It's an interesting business.

With the recent SEVERE drop off in activity, someone really needs to change how the numbers work for Popularity of Questions, though. It's silly to see everything move over. It loses the meaning of what popular or interesting might be.


I'm beginning to consider a personal boycott regarding voting and/or tattling on deals. Any deals. I'm weary of RIP'd deals on the popular tab, I'm annoyed at the number of spammish deals that get tattled but not deleted, and I'm puzzled by the constant acceptance of non-deals that involve no sale price or discount code.

I'm fully aware of the reduced staff and concomitant increase in an individual's work load, but that knowledge doesn't really serve to improve my wooting experience in any way. By not tattling, I'll actually be reducing the overall workload, in fact.

I haven't made a decision on it yet, but I'm giving serious thought to it.


@shrdlu: Regarding the moving of questions from 'fresh' to 'popular' ...

I find it annoying for the simple fact that I can't look at a 'popular' question (which now includes most questions) and easily determine how old the thread itself is. A note stating when it became popular is useless, since some 'fresh' questions hang around for a few days before being moved. And here, as in usenet overall, an issue three days old is in many ways a dead issue.

At any rate, I'm in agreement that there is a major need for serious tweaking of the wizardry involved.

---> email notice noted. Or something like that.


@shrdlu: You rang?
I haven't added a deal in months. Once I stopped adding deals, I fell out of the top ten pretty rapidly. When you cut back your activity and hobbit went off to her hideyhole, I was able to hold the number one spot simply by carefully choosing how I cast my daily votes.

These days since I've expired my old deals, I rarely tattle on anything. I'm still choosy about my votes & only vote on deals on the first two or three pages of Fresh deals, or exceptionally helpful or funny comments & questions. I've yet to cast a down vote. Most of the questions I have are answered by the all powerful google.

I took a month long break from deals. My rep dropped to the mid 80s. When I returned I popped back up in less than 24 hours to the low 90s with a few careful votes. Now I vote every couple of days & make a smart assed comment or two that gets a few up votes. I'm still coasting on my activity during beta testing.
Things are different here. The changes did damage.


The odd thing I noticed when I did tattle was no matter what, when I tattled my rep took a hit. Every time. Even if I tattled on a spammer who had only seconds before had posted one of their crummy Nike Shoes/Designer Purses CHEAP deals, my rep got nailed. Coincidences like that were enough to make me skittish on reporting anything.


@morriea I'll add a comment to your thread to help your experiment.
I have noticed there is a lag from when a really good deal or question is posted to when it effects rank.

I'm no good at algorithms, but I have always thought it weird that the folks on the top of the lists aren't very active( there are exceptions ) , and most haven't posted a deal in a long time.


@ceagee: Thank far no effect.


It seems to be a little to easy to move from fresh to popular on the questions and changing your rep is easy unless You are in the top 15. when it is a lot of effort or some very good questions.


I do not generally check the leader board, so I do not follow my own numbers closely other than hovering over my name. I rarely post a deal. I upvote deals that look good to me although I do not do the research I should. I do ask a question every once in awhile. My numbers range from 93 to 97, currently at 97.

Just peeked. My dashboard says I am #102. My deals added meter is nearly pegged although I cannot remember the last one I added without looking. My hint to improve is to tattle more deals. I did tattle twice yesterday. I did a search for a specific deal and the top two results were for deals that said in the title good for this (past date) only.

I sure would like the questions to just stay in the order posted. I can look through and see the new on top and either watch or scroll down to the ones I wish to see else has been added.


OK, made me look. Last posted deal was 7 months ago.


@lavikinga: Tattling or downvoting always impacts Your Rep negatively as far as I can tell so there is very little incentive to do either.


@mybestuser1: so, not a coincidental thing! I knew it! Just by responding to a few questions today and voting for a few comments made in the last 24 hours, I've already lost a rep point. Have no clue where I am in the rankings. I happy just to remain a blackangle with minimum effort (it used to be a way of keeping myself in the Q Club for those extra benefits. Sadly, the Q Club seems to have disappeared.).


@lavikinga: Go to LEADERBOARD, DASHBOARD (middle section). The number next to your name (on the left) is you actual rank. Magic!


@lavikinga: It isn't what activity you are doing. It's the fact that there is ANY activity at all that is affecting your reputation. You weren't active, so you were in a sort of stasis. By returning, and having activity, you started up the engines again.

Tattling has a slow, but long-term, positive effect on your reputation. You know how compulsive I am about testing, and I know that there haven't been any tweaks at all in quite a while.

{Dear friend @morriea; I suspect that Everyone's Favorite Viking Chick is well informed on the leaderboard. She held the number one spot for quite some time, as did I. Just in case you haven't seen this toy, here's a way to see reputation for everyone (including staff) if you have the patience to keep clicking "more" at the bottom. Note to all: this only works if you have a black triangle, sorry.}


@morriea: Thanks for the directions, however, I've been playing in the Deals sandbox since it was in beta so I know my way around. Remember all those crab deals & the T shirt? Yeah, guilty of instigating it with fellow partners in crime (Hi!@shrdlu ) & a few others. I simply don't care enough to see the leaderboard, or look at the dials/meters. The incentive to stay at the top of the mountain isn't there any longer. I have loads of screen shots of being #1 if I feel nostalgic.

It pains me to say Deals is a former shadow of itself. The ratio of community posted deals to vendor posted deals was greater than it is now. Most of those vendor deals aren't deals by any stretch. It's just free/cheap advertising. The community was tighter & every thing was shiny & new. I guess I still hang around in hope something will click with TPTB and Deals will get an infusion of unpredictability. I guess this is what happens when we tame the wild frontier. I do miss the rabble rousing. I surely do.


@shrdlu: Good link but the meters are slightly buggy. one of them is on 0 instead of nearly pegged like on the regular leader board for Me.


@shrdlu: Yeah, I know, quality verses quantity, it all evens out. What puzzles me is the bounce back up I'll see in a few days of no activity, but simply LOOKING at the pages and not clicking on deals. Still a stasis thing?


@lavikinga: I know you have been around. It was this statement, " Have no clue where I am in the rankings" that had me try to help. I am not noticed here, but always around and have seen your name a multitude of times.


@shrdlu: Yep...know the link. Never really use it, though.


@mybestuser1: It's because you;re new. That one thing is measuring an item they no longer look at, so anyone with activity that begins after that time has a zero.


@morriea: I could have definitely been more clear when I made that comment about about not knowing by including "because it no longer matters."
I DO keep hoping Deals will do something to revamp & revitalize the site. It's losing steam and it's a darned shame. It used to be a daily must-see for so many of us.


Update...moved all the way up one whole spot! (21)


@morriea: < I am not noticed here>
Not so, I think you were a breath of fresh air this place needed, when you started being active. Just the other day, I referred to you as the queen of the tablets, because of all the great deals for them you have posted, but more than that, you are a responsible user, who is a pleasure to have around. Every once in a while a new user joins, who makes me enjoy d.w a bit more again, and reminds me of how woot was when I started. Unfortunately, new users like you are not joining at a fast enough pace to replace the great folks who used to come around, and now rarely or never do.

I picture a dystopian future d.w, where the only activity is bots posting reams of non-deals, then voting up their own deals, and down voting the deals posted by others. Shills posting questions, that are thinly veiled ads, redirecting to the aforementioned posts. You know, cannibalism. Soylent green is people. IT'S PEOPLE!!!


@pickypickypicky: mmmm...soylent green. Yummy!

Not "queen"...male and!

and active since 9/2011. See, I have been well hidden!

Tablets are a main source of my business, so I am always on the lookout (and posting the good deals).


@morriea: I suspect you're noticed by a lot more folks than you think, O Prince of the Tablet Deals.


@morriea: oops, pardon my faux pas, re the gender thing, CLEARLY, I meant King of the tablets, must have been a typo, LOL.

I remember exactly when you joined, I noticed when it happened, and your badge confirms it, I was only here 9 months before you, but it was an interesting 9 months.

Oops again, I meant to say "These kids probably don't remember the time before we ate soylent green. Why when I was a lass, we used to sup on bacon and crab." :-)


Update: Now #2...This question thing has moved me that far in a day. (22-2).


@morriea: Questions have a very high weight on the algorithm. Odd that. To me. I still contend that a higher ranking on the scale should be DEALS that you submit. It is deals.woot, right? Were that the case, there might be many more deals posted. And VOTED for. I'm wrong, of course.

I think it's been mentioned before (laughing & pointing a finger @shrdlu), questions should NOT be in the equation. At all. Waiting for the backlash, if I'm wrong. Wont' be the 1st time.

But...not much matters at this point, eh?


@morriea: How is the climbing attempt going. The last step is hard getting to 100%.


@mybestuser1: #2. That looks like the highest I shall reach on this test. Remember, I promised otherwise normal activity and no tattles.

I think it really points out the weight of a question. From #22 to #2 in a day. (As an aside, I have maintained the #2 position while spending most of today catching (or failing to catch) fish.


@morriea: interesting experiment. Glad to see you got results to take back to your secret lab.
It's so secret, I don't really know if you have one or not. I just thought it sounded good !


@ceagee: Mwaaahaaaahaaahaaa.

I have been practicing my evil scientist's laugh.


@morriea: Today (July 9, 2013), just now (02:53 PM Pacific), you are Number 1 on the Leaderboard. Let the celebrations begin?

Here, have some confetti. .:.:.:.:.


@shrdlu: Wow. Thanks for making me get out the vacuum...confetti is EVERYWHERE.

Now we know the power of the QUESTION (to which the answer, of course, is 42).


I don't know where I was a couple weeks ago, but I went from mid 80's/100 to (now) almost 95/100... I have only posted 3 deals, up/down voted maybe 10 items ( at most ) and posted a couple of comments.

I can't believe that a week or so of minimal posting could get me increased that much.

Either something is wonky with the leaderboard or I have no idea how it could possibly work.