questionsanyone have recomendations for a good audio book?


I love the older Stephen King audiobooks that he reads himself. He has a warm,witty, light hearted touch when he reads, and the books are infused with special meaning when it's the author reading them to you. Here's a comprehensive list of SK books and who reads them:

If you are listening on headphones, I also highly recommend Jeff Wayne's rock musical War of the Worlds. It's our favorite "audiobook".


Oh i also heard that the Howard Stern or Artie Lange book has several different comedians that read each chapter on the audio book. I don't know if that makes it funny or not but might be worth a listen.


I just came on to recommend one you already read - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - that was really a great audio book. Well read by the author. To anyone else that's reading, it's highly recommended.


Harry Potter & The (insert name here), especially when read by Jim Dale. He's fantastic!


Kitchen Confidential, written & narrated by Anthony Bourdain.

Note: If you have EVER worked in a restaurant, you will love this. Tony has a great delivery and the stories he tells are pretty much exactly what I remember of working in kitchens during the 70's & beyond. Maybe a little wilder, but that's the NY scene.

WARNING: If you have NOT worked in a professional kitchen, there may be a few unappetizing surprises here.


Forest Gump read by the author, Winston Groom. He has such a wonderful voice. It's deep with southern accent, but not so thick that it is hard to understand. He's a story teller, not just a reader. I liked the book on tape many times more than the movie.

I listend to Robert Ludlum books during commute quite a few years back. They were also fantastic.


The Brother Cadfael series comes to mind immediately, if you like thoughtful 12th century monks who solve murder mysteries. And Dean Koontz's fantasy horror novels do quite well as audio books, also, if that genre appeals to you.


Larry Corriea's Monster Hunter International series, the Odd Thomas series, or X minus 1 Old-time radio.
One of my favorites for making time pass quickly is the Graphic Audio version of The Survivalist.


@smtatertot13: Yeah I love the Jim Dale HP's but i have gone through them so many times in the last couple years i honestly forgot to include it on my list of listened too's but good call.