questionswould it be useful to have a seller/vendor rating…


How would you keep shill accounts from trashing (or praising) a vendor?


@niloc225: If you only allow users who can vote up a deal to vote on a vendor, it may work.

for more details on who can vote see here:

@chris12345: "Only users who have bought something from Woot are able to vote. This makes it more difficult - no, more costly - to amass an army of sockpuppets to vote up your own deals. "


@moldyearwax: shill accounts can do that, all they have to do is buy one thing on woot. It isn't that hard, there are vendors who have done it in the past on deals.


hobbit has stated my point exactly. For the small price of a Flush Light ($.01 + $5 shipping) anyone can vote.

To have legit vendor ratings, there would have to be a way for the people rating the vendor to prove that they have actually done business with the vendor.


I think I've posted, more than once, on some of the ways you might look at a vendor to see whether or not someone new (or new to you) is a person you can give your money to. On the one hand, we have erikadyscern and myspicesage, and on the other, bk industries.

For a while, for entertainment, I was keeping a list of verified shill accounts. I think most of them are either filtered, or have faded. Nice idea, but "Angie's List" style things just won't work here.