questionsare you going to miss angus burgers?


They loaded the outside of the patties with salt and pepper. It was gross. The meat itself was good, though. I don't know why they did that. Either way, it was priced too high - even compared with Hardee's/Carl's Jr. due to the difference in quality.


It's been a long time since I've had one, but I seem to remember liking them better than their other burgers. I'd still rather have a burger from practically anywhere else.


I truthfully do not understand why people still eat the sh*t they call food..


meh, my wife liked them the 3-4 times per year we'd stop there.


So Angus burgers are in fact not going anywhere, they will still be available, just not at an establishment to which I do not offer my patronage anyway?


What happened did Angus the chef pass away. Is that why the burgers are discontinued. Its a joke but I don't believe there was actual angus beef in there to begin with so I wont miss them.


Angus Burgers were too expensive.....But I will miss the Chicken Selects


@omnichad: The reason you spice meat is to hide how low the quality is.


They were ridiculously big and tough, and they combined it with a huge bun. Compare that to a normal McD's cheeseburger, which may not be the best beef but is more tasty and edible. Not surprised they canned it.


lol the downvotes are funny. you can tell who is unhealthy, or a fatass based on these downvotes of anyone who dares call mcdonalds terrible for you.


I won't miss it one bit.

Honestly, I think Angus beef is way overrated. I always thought McDonald's Angus burger tasted like the Big 'Un - a frozen burger you buy and microwave yourself at 7-11. That's not so bad at 2am but at lunchtime, you're not drunk enough to pay twice the price.


@phillystyle: "but at lunchtime, you're not drunk enough..."

Hey, speak for yourself.


I downvoted the anti McDonalds comments. I lost 85 pounds and have kept it off for a year and a half. My blood pressure is right where it should be, and my cholesterol is under 200. I never stopped eating fast food.

I get sick of the demonization of fast food. You can eat whatever food you want as long as you do so in moderation.


I won't miss them. I tried those burgers a couple of times and hated the taste every time.

I don't much frequent McDonald's, but when I do I'll just stick with a couple of dollar menu burgers, a side salad, yogurt and unsweetened tea, thank you very much.

(I much prefer Wendy's single burgers because of all the veggies they pack on them. Or better yet, I'll just saunter on over to a Greek grill place for some good food that is good for you.)


@phillystyle: You're getting bad examples though. We raised nothing but Angus when I was growing up- a big deal in Texas Hereford country.
Find a butcher you can trust, buy ground, real Angus. The fat's marbled better than most.
Grill it properly, season it sparingly. There is a difference.


At this point, Angus is a marketing term. There is no genotyping done (which means it's graded on visual looks alone), so if a cow's hide is 51% black it is considered an Angus. Most of the beef produced for consumption in America is Angus, so the odds are that the normal "non-Angus" hamburger you're ordering is actually Angus anyway.

The biggest benefit of the Angus certification to the consumer is that the fat is well-marbled into the muscle tissue. So, an Angus steak would be better than a non-Angus steak. Hamburger is scraps of meat that wouldn't normally be consumed as a steak plus random fat that are ground together, which totally eliminates the marbling point of Angus...hamburger is well marbled no matter what the source is.

In summation: The Angus certification could possibly mean something when you're buying a steak, but it's meaningless when you're buying hamburger. Does it taste different? Maybe. If so, it's probably because of the seasonings, not the meat.


got one at the denver airport like 5 years ago, needless to say it was terrible and waaaay overpriced.


@cleverett: Long ago when I was a little kid, this was explained to me. I had friends/family who thought, "oh, Angus.. must be better. I will gladly pay 3x the price." After that explanation, I really did avoid a lot of bad deals growing up and today. I am a bit more clued in on the hype on menus, and if I go to a restaurant and see "Angus burger Hmmmm... so good, only $xx.xx" then I know what I have awaiting me, bleh. The idea that is basically all down to marketing, and that there isn't a difference (and the reason to get hamburgers well done and actual steaks medium/rare due to how burger is ground up) has saved me SOOO much money.

It's simple, but people really need to understand how little Angus means, at least in the current U.S. market. And as for the fast food thing, I can't stand McDonald's, however I do enjoy BK once in a while. :) Don't diss it, there is a lot to be said for cheap, filling, and fast food on a harsh budget.


Everyone has their own comfort zone of equilibrium when it comes to convenience, price/value, quality and healthiness. The angus line upped the price, but didn't increase any of the other three enough to maintain the balance.


McDonalds sucks, as does most fast food. Now lets count the downvotes for this comment!


@cleverett: And there's no difference between cheddar and white cheddar either other than added coloring. But if you're marketing "white cheddar" you're usually trying to imply that you at least have better than average cheddar. Even if only by a tiny margin. That doesn't mean you're guaranteed better cheddar by any means. It's still just marketing.


Like at least some of you, I tried it a couple of times. It was quite expensive, relative to their other menu items (and the competition even) and just wasn't very good. I can't say that I'll miss it.


It may have been a bit overpriced but it was nice to get lettuce and red onion on a burger. I will miss it, only because the quarter pounder has become a bit sickening and the Angus was a nice change of pace.


@jazzsinger: It really is all about calorie management. There was a guy that ate Twinkies and other junk food and lost weight, because he was strict about the calories. Congratulations to you on dropping the weight! Hope all your numbers stay to the good in the future.