questionssmall company inventory control - need opinions


Without knowing industry, etc, check out Rental Tracker Pro at

There are others but they're a bit bigger, complicated, and designed for larger enterprises like Rental Control Management Software by Pacific Rental Solutions.

Whichever solution you go with, make sure the underlying database isn't in some proprietary format and can be accessed and the data can be exported in case you need to migrate to another solution. You don't want all your data trapped in that application.

Another option is to have someone build the application for you but that's usually more expensive than building some off the shelf package but you get what you want customized to your needs. You may not need that if your needs are simple and typical of many rental companies.


@first2summit: Thanks for the great reply!

As you mentioned, our ideal would be to have something customized to our needs (especially given that our gear is strange and doesn't generally fit into most categories, but we're definitely not at a place to sink the kind of money required for such an endeavor.

We definitely work within the theatrical/production world, so it's a plus that specifically calls out a similar industry directly on their front page.

I've already forwarded your info to our rentals guy. We appreciate your help!

Anyone else have anything handy-dandy to share? :)