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Well I never, please use the politically correct term, 'nominated'.
No (except family stuff) And if you consider Cub Scout leader a party (I did not)


My group at work doesn't really socialize outside of cubeville. There are some weeks when we don't really socialize inside of cubeville. So we don't do a holiday party.
We do have a group lunch outing every year, sponsored by the company and usually at the local Brazilian steak house. But a bunch of us have become more disgruntled about this as the atmosphere isn't great. It's incredibly crowded, the menu is reduced, there's a very rushed feel to it, we're in with our second level manager (so about 80 people plus whatever other groups from our company are there at that time). It's just not as much fun anymore and not really worth the extra time it requires for the long lunch (the company pays for the food but not the time).

So, along with a few other "mildly disgruntled lunchees" I organized a smaller group lunch for later this week. We're getting together with just our work group (about 18 if everyone comes) at a local pizza buffet place. We'll see how it goes.


I used to organize the holiday luncheons for the office but I got too busy and it came to be the role of the secretaries. It was a pretty joyless thing to do, so I make sure to thank the secretaries for their efforts in putting the celebrations together. We either all go out to lunch to a restaurant, or we have a pot luck here and the Department Head pays a local homeless shelter (we are a local government branch that funds public works and social services) to cook us a turkey and a ham. We've put commercial kitchens into all the shelters and two of them have first rate cooks so it is no sacrifice in quality paying them to cater. We usually have a couple of party games, with the White Elephant game being everyone's favorite. We also have "The 12 Days of Breakfast", which I also started and later handed over to a co-worker. For the 12 working days before Christmas we all bring in breakfast goodies. Yesterday was the first day and it was a feast. Today is Krispy Kremes.