questionsis it time for deals.woot to take a step back and…


it is time to put away the pitchforks and torches and pick up the whiskey and beer. only then can we start the healing process. or stab/burn ourselves with aforementioned pitchforks and torches.


Sing it sister!!!! I too worked all day (with you) on this and I too had my order canceled. But I had a great time, and I fully expect to have a great time today (work permitting) Woot is still woot and I love it.



I didn't even play the game so I'm not personally bothered. I think it really sucks for everyone who got screwed out of a BOC, but I also feel that Woot will take some step towards trying to rectify it, even if it's just an apology $5 coupon.

Even then, I feel like I wont bother this time around. Not that I looked particularly closely, but I didn't find a single clue yesterday. If someone wants to run them by me (or link me to somewhere) I'd actually appreciate it because even though the game went completely over my head, I agree that that's still a fun aspect of it.

But you know, a BOC is a BOC. I hope to someday get one, but at least twice now, I've been "screwed" out of getting one, be it a server crash or whatever. But thats okay, because when I finally DO get one though, that'll make it all that much better.

And then subsequently disappointing when I realize that the BOC really is indeed a box of crap xD


by the way, i'll be even happier if they offer that skull and crossbones lighter again.

just throwing it out there for consideration


@carl669: I don't have any lighters, but I wrote a story.

I didn't finish it though, I thought everyone could help me.


@inkycatz: the lack of lighters makes me sad. but, your story shall still be contributed to.


@carl669: Thanks for keeping the story flame burning! :D (it's magic)


Thank You, Woot, May I Have Another?
Thank You, Woot, May I Have Another?
Thank You, Woot, May I Have Another?
Thank You, Woot, May I Have Another?


@thedogma: If you looked at the Blog page for an item (Or the main page when the item was up during the woot off) you'd see the word TREASURE in the summary. For example, if you back on Community to near the start of this woot-off, you'll see the Razer Banshee StarCraft 2 Headset. Click on the blog link (The little bubble in the lower-right corner of the info box for that item) and you get the product description. Near the top you see: "Yo Ho! A Pirate-Themed Woot Off For Me! Can ye hear the -TREASURE-? Ahoy, matey!".

The word TREASURE there means you want to click through to that item. One of the item pictures is a piece of the map puzzle.

I don't have the list here at work but some of them are: Razer Naga Mouse, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Xtreme Mac Alarm, Ranzer Banshee Headset, Macbook, Globe Bar and a bunch of others.

All are the same way, the word TREASURE at the top and one of the product pictures is the map piece.


@bingo969: Wow, clever. Thanks for filling me in!


This guy. This guy gets it.


i will share my juicebox with you, @bogie21.


also: downvotes? really? for a post about smiling?


@pemberducky: some people will downvote puppies, kittens and ice cream.


@carl669: your talk of puppies offends my sensibilities!


@thedogma: Very optimistic to think Woot will give even a consolation prize to the first 200 to solve their puzzle. My guess is that there will never be another word about the entire ordeal from anyone with a title at Woot. If they never mention it, it never happened.


Maybe it would have been....but did woot just delete a few threads that were calling them out on their lilly-livered nonsense?

I'm fine with smiling at blunderous situations, but I really don't have the stomach for outright cowardice and communism. I'm just doing to try to turn a blind eye to yet another disappointment, so Ican get on with enjoying the community and company :)


@dmaz: re: thread deletion

You may want to read this post:
Unless something has gone terrible wrong with our systems (Hey, lightning doesn't strike twice!), there have only been about two posts stricken from the record. We'd posit that lunch-based food coma has a lot to do with the sluggishness.

Edit: Just wanted to say I have no updates on the plan for crap pieces, but there are may discussions going on trying to get to a solution. The scope includes many departments (shipping/warehouse, creative, technical, and what have you.), so it does take some time. We really, truly do appreciate your patience."


@inkycatz Find all the users that were able to get to an order page for the BOC. If they have purchased 1 or more other woot (non-BOC) then they are awarded a BOC for this round.

No-one can be upset that Woot decided to award the first timers. Otherwise those people just look bad.

Those of use that have gotten them in the past are aware of how fun your first BOC experience can be and should be more than happy so sacrifice their time to help those BOC-newbies. I know I would be.

@pemberducky: What kind of juice did your mommy send us today!?


@inkycatz: too late to edit my post :(. I'll just have to hope @gatzby stumbles upon this.


AHHHHHH -puts the candy back in the dish-


Yeppers. Woot owes us nothing. Keep that in mind and have fun for the other 364 days of wonderfulness they give us.


@bogie21: It's true, we're always lurking everywhere. YOU CANNOT HIDE.

At any rate, there's a solution working its way out. Hopefully it'll be acceptable to everyone! (I think it's reasonable.)


Looks like you guys got it worked out: ThunderThighs" Ahoy Mateys. We are back on the poop deck to report back to you as promised. As you know, we were overwhelmed by the overwhelming demand for BOC treasure through the Crapbeard puzzle. As the last pieces of the puzzle were being revealed, the action came fast and furious.

153 of our crafty buccaneers figured out the answer early and we're going to honor their orders for a BOC. After scouring the list and checking it four times, we have also identified the first 200 buccaneers to visit the secret URL after the last piece of the puzzle was revealed. We're going to give those folks a chance to buy a BOC, too. We'll be emailing them with further instructions.

Thanks, everybody, for riding out this chaos with us. We're going full sail with today's Crapbeard treasure hunt. We are hard at work behind the scenes to make sure that today's sale forges forward with clear skies and a scheduled time for docking in the port."


Cheaters get caught, cheaters get punished, cheaters cry, whine, threaten and stomp their feet...... cheaters get rewarded.
No wonder this country is in the shape it is.


@wadekind: People take the initiative and get ahead. People without initiative whine because there was nothing left for them. Authority grants the whiners' wishes. This is what really happened, and this is what actually goes on in our country. The difference between our country's administration and woot staff is that woot staff is actually recognizing those who snuck in and got ahead (what they did was not against any set rule) with the reward they deserved instead of punishing them for their hard work. Your idea that these people are the problem is actually why our country is in the shape it's in.

You've got it all backwards. I'm just really happy to see woot not acting like our current administration (can't brlieve I just followed you down politic lane, lol), and recognizing both sides of the field, flowing it all into the pirate theme thingy, which many of us suggested. Great solution, ya bilge rat, landlubbers! ;)


@dmaz: Never said anything about politics (i'm not interested in your view on any administration) I only commented on the state of this country where apparently lack of ethics is rewarded and hailed as showing initiative.

Exploiting a weakness in a game where most of the players are unaware of it is not showing initiative it is cheating. I will never be convinced that the early buyers figured this out on their own especially when the orders started coming in as soon as the other website with the early map posted the solution.


Is this about rainbows and unicorns?


@wadekind, @dmaz Please try to remain on topic. This question is about being happy, not trolling.


@carl669: @pemberducky: FYI asking why something got downvoted usually get downvoted, not just by me, in fact I can not believe the comments did not have a negative number. (I with held my downvote this time)