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Yeah I didn't buy it on the deal (bought it 1 day before for full price on Amazon).

I experienced the same. The media keys would get stuck, usually the rewind button. This cause my iTunes to open automatically and if I closed it, it would open up once more. Until I restarted. Also meant I couldn't listen to music because it was constantly hitting back.

I also was experiencing random keys stop working or sending about 100 commands of the key at once. Again a full restart was required.

Seems to be something they have been experiencing since their creation. I actually returned it and bought a Logitech g110 as a replacement (I require a sound plug, added usb port, and led back lighting) and this think kicks the Lycosa's tail!

Sadly, I contacted Razer about all this before I returned it, and they said I was out of luck. Not to mention I waited a week for a single response after sending several inquiries.

I experienced the issue on an MSI motherboard running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.


Thanks for responding, I contacted them last night and got a message back today actually:

We are sorry, it sounds like your product may be in need of an exchange. If you purchased your unit outside the USA or Canada your reseller should be able to assist you with any exchange. If you purchased the keyboard within the USA or Canada and are unable to get an exchange with your reseller, please supply us with the following information and we will further assist you with a Return Authorization Number. (RMA)

Model/Color of Product: (including color of LED/Laser),Serial No:(it does not start with RZ; that is the model number),Model No.:,Place of Purchase:
Date of Purchase

Your customer number is *
Please refer to case #:: *
if you have any further questions.

If you need further assistance, you can also reach us online at Please include all previous replies when/if responding to this message.

Best Regards,
Keith B. at Razer Technical Support


I also heard they have bad luck guess i was hoping for better, we will see what ends up happening.... after a restart, unplug and replug of the usb and only the USB that powers the keyboard (not the other usb port that powers the usb slot on the keyboard) and reinstalling the latest razer driver it seems to have been working all day today...but still returning it once i work things out with woot and razer.


There is also this fix but it obviously voids your warranty


Yeah I didn't try the fix because I didn't want to void the warranty. I shouldn't have to take apart my brand new device for it to work. I love their mice, but I will no longer buy keyboards from them. :/ Good luck!


just returned mines, what a shame.