questionsis gone for good?


You know, it surprises me that more of these "deals" websites don't go under in the middle of the night. It seems like every week here at deals.woot we see a new website start posting new daily deals all hot and heavy. I tend to be pretty skeptical when it comes to ordering from some of these places. Past experiences with some of them have left a bad taste in my mouth.


@90mcg112: what I have been noticing a lot lately is that something shows up on site A on Monday, then on site B on Tuesday, maybe that item takes Wednesday off but is right back at it showing up on site c on Thursday


@tcayer: It's amazing how much things change. This site was once a #sponsored deal (there were a few of them, posted by @thefenst, back in the day). You just never know how things will turn out.

They used to show up with great regularity in the early days.

Everything changes. Everything.


You all make good points. I've also noticed the same items popping up at different sites, but I attributed it to the sites buying clearance items from the same sources. There ARE sites that are partnered (like 1saleaday and Bensoutlet, and Shnoop and Bling.

The deals I take notice of on deals.woot are the ones posted by someone who just made an account that day, or ebay "deals" posted by the lister. I've called them out when I notice they're trying to pull a fast one.

That's the great thing about this site, as the members help each other out with their experiences.

Customer service is the bottom line for most of these places. I'll take a chance, but if I get burned, I'll make sure to let everyone know.


At this point, I don't buy anything from any new deal a day sites. I obviously stick with Woot, but also look at Tanga and a few others. I make an exception from a larger retailer that sticks their toe into this swamp, but otherwise I stay away.


this is good news....all the crap they sold has to find a new place to be sold.
Maybe some of it will find it's way to woot! and make the woot-off's a little more


I never visited their site that I am aware of. I don't have enough hours in my day to look at a lot of sites....I mostly hang out here.