questionswhat came in your bag of crap?


2 children sized tee-shirts, 2 woot monkeys with smiley faced capes and the flowered reusable grecery bag. I guess it counts as 4 craps total and a bag but in the past I always got 3 different items even with dupilcated. Looks like threepiecewoot is already missed!


USB Guard Dog
Death Served 'til Noon T-Shirt
Woot Flying Monkey
Reusable Grocery Bag

This has been the best bag o' crap yet.


2 children size small shirts for girls...assuming girls since they have little dresses on the tags. One is the eye of sauron looking for a lost contact lens in the dirt. The other is a panda with a revolver.

1 woot monkey with smiley face cape

1 reusable shopping bag with the daisy

Guess I have my company white elephant gift for the year haha


@mikecris: "HP Pavillion Desktop"

Seriously? A working desktop??


Mine arrived just a few minutes ago:

Dream Cheeky USB Guard Dog
Reusable shopping bag (with a big daisy on it)
Woot monkey with the smiley-face cape
A spitball board, sort of like a dartboard

This was a better selection than my other/previous BOC. I collect monkeys, we'll give the spitball board to a co-worker who's retiring, the guard dog I'll use to startle co-workers, and the bag is as-yet unclaimed.


@flippydoo: Y'know what ... if you're not going to wear it, PM me anyways. Let's make a deal. :)


You guys got your BOCs already? Mine just shipped lol

I've always figured that anyone who read many of my comments would think I was a complete jackass in real life, so considering how much I post on here, it'd make sense if I wasn't exactly well liked :)


@narfcake: It's a small, sorry!

@mikecris You for real? That would be an insane BOC


Wire skewers
HP Pavillion Desktop
2 Sansas
and a broken Leak Frog


USB Guard Dog
WootMonkey with Tiger Cape
Spitball Dart Excuses Pad
Breo Skin Watch (White)
Barbie Baywatch Pink Backpack


Nice. One of these days, I'll get a BOC ... :(

Anyways what size is the Fresh Cake shirt? Anything MM or larger, I'll buy it from you, seriously. Your BOC will be less than free! Send me a PM through the forums.


Dream Cheeky USB Guard Dog
Woot small t-shirt - skull & crossbones made from bacon and eggs
Reusable Daisy shopping bag
Woot monkey in a tiger stripe cape


Reusable shopping bag
20 Questions digital game
(2) stretchy watches
USB lighted mirror
XL Short Sleeve Polo


Cedar grilling planks
A Snowman digital photo frame keychain
Some sort of cellphone decoration kit
A reusable shopping bag


holy crapola those are awesome finds? I think yes!