questionshas anyone ever tried/heard of the primal/paleo…


also known as the caveman diet.

Meh, seems a bit too extreme to me.


I've gotten a few free kindle books on it.. but I love my dairy and I'm not giving it up for anything. I just wanted to check out the recipes :-)


@minxa1: the one she has does have a couple of recipes for buffalo wings and bacon chocolate chip cookies that I want to try out.


Its true at a certain age we start to get worse anndworse at digesting dairy.

I coulpd not do that diet. 75% of everything i like is grain or dairy. I do eat organic/free range/or hunted meat most of the time. And same with eggs. Organic only


I'm too much of a milk drinker (and ice cream eater) to give up dairy. Plus, most of my dad's extended family are dairy farmers. It would be bad for the family business. :)

For most people, I don't think that the diets that completely cut out (or severely restrict) certain types of food are necessary or even really a good idea. So many of them seem like fads that pass fairly quickly (South Beach anyone?) and some of them can definitely be dangerous long term.

I prefer to eat a mostly balanced diet of things that I like prepared how I like them. Fortunately I like a lot of fruit and a good number of vegetables. Unfortunately I also like a lot of cookies and a good number of cakes. But that's what going to the gym is (partially) for.


I have a friend who did it, lost 100lbs with a great deal of exercise along with. It has its strong points. Eat healthy, eat less, more move; that should help you no matter what diet.


@shadowblue42: I have been trying to switch to more organic foods and watching the labels of what I buy. My problem would be giving up grains since I could practically live on rice and don't think I could give it up just to shed weight. The changes I have made are working just fine for me, albeit a little slow.

@gt0163c: I'm not too big on ice cream and regular milk anymore. Seems to leave an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth nowadays, so I've switched to drinking soy milk. Am currently addicted to yogurt, however, so would still be a problem to give up dairy. Will say that the bacon chocolate chip cookies are made with almond flour, and tasted just as good, if not better, than ones made with regular flour.


All of the people I know that have been doing it are "uppity" about it. That in itself turns me off to it.. other than the fact that I like to eat things that are "bad" too much, of course.


Grains and/or dairy are not required for a healthy diet - at all. Some people process them well, some people don't. The people who bloat, get headaches, ibs, and other issues with grains (usually wheat and milk)- find diets like Paleo/Atkins/Low-Carb to be a wonderful thing. Yes, it can be limiting, but I can tell you that I dropped my cholesterol by 30 pts and trigs by over 150 pts in a few months (not to mention the weight) but cutting out grains and limiting dairy. So, for some - it works very well.

Then, there are people who just feel terrible without grains. My personal theory is that we are predisposed to react to grains based on our ancestry. If your ancestors lived in a place that was more agricultural and less animal/pasture friendly - you'll do better with low fat, moderate/high carb. If your ancestors lived somewhere where agriculture wasn't that great - then eat more meat and less carb.

People get defensive because a lot of people who haven't done it attack it.


I've done it with a few changes (I do eat some dairy, but no nuts). It was a huge help in losing weight, and I felt awesome. I did it for 60 days, then life became nuts, and I am eating more grains & sugar than I did while Paleo, but less than before I started the diet.

That said, I have a family with food allergies, plus Celiac Disease, so cutting out foods to stay healthy is pretty much par for the course. It's not a huge deal to me.

As others have said, you do not need grains & dairy to be healthy. Far from it. You need a variety of protein sources and fruits/veggies. Dairy and grains are more like sweets - not needed, but they taste good.


What a bunch of phonies (the people on primal/paleo diets are)! A true "caveman" diet you would only be allowed to eat things you killed or collected yourself.


@phoenixgirrl and @thumperchick: thanks for the information. Always thought that with all the "drink more milk and eat more whole grains" hoopla, that they were a necessary part of a healthy diet.