questionsman sues wife, wins $120k after their 'ugly' baby…


old news.... this was a topic of discussion around the radio about 2 months ago.


This one is hard, ethically. If she understood that he was marrying her with the intent of passing her (apparently natural) good looks and genes on to his children, then she did dupe him. I don't know that a financial reward is acceptable. Now, any person that can look at their child as "ugly" - well, I just think he may need to fall into a very painful pit of boiling something.


I call shenanagians. I think that the before and after pics of the wife have been enhanced. I don't doubt that she had plastic surgery, I just don't think that you can get from A to B with the current state of the art. She probably didn't look that bad to start, and I don't think she looked that good at the finish.


I think the most ridiculous thing about this is that the guy is saying the baby is "ugly". Babies look like babies. It is extremely difficult to determine which babies are going to grow up and look ugly vs average vs gorgeous. I think this woman should counter-sue her husband based on the fact that he has an ugly personality.


Is the guy spectacularly good-looking? To what extent did he contribute to the baby's appearance? If the gender roles had been reversed, if the guy had been ugly and had plastic surgery, what are the odds the woman could have won a similar lawsuit? I am going to go with pretty low.


I got 99 problems and a........well that one wont work here.


I think it was the sperm donor's fault.