questionsdoing anything crazy this weekend?


Hahaha! Good luck with boot camp!

My fiancee is having a bridal shower on Saturday. My plan is to beast it at the gym for two to three hours straight, then hit the best grill in town for a man feast!

Not extremely crazy, but I'm very excited.


We will be hosting a fund raising garage sale for this weekend and next.


naked scrabble tournament.


@mkentosh: Don't forget the boxed wine! Can't have naked scrabble without boxed wine!


@coreyking: No, but you must be naked to watch too


I've gotta make dessert for 25 people and pull together a slide show of pictures for a post-mission trip meeting on Saturday. I also have to prepare to teach the kindergarten through second grade Sunday school class and then teach it. Apparently everyone on the teaching rotation as well as everyone else more qualified is out of town this week and next, so it's fallen to me and another person our children's ed coordinator could rope into the gig. I think it's secretly a plan to get me onto the teaching rotation. And did I mention that I'm much better with older kids, like high schoolers? Gonna be an interesting Sunday morning.
Then, Sunday evening I'm getting together with friends to play games.
Somewhere in there I have to do chores and errands and spend some quality time with my cats who are made at me because they got used to me working from home last week.


I'm getting my kids ready for school on Monday.

By the way, I'm kinda surprised at your bootcamp thing. I've been doing my daughters' hair daily for years without any classes. Do they really think men are that stupid?


@kamikazeken: I guess so. I can't wait to see how many other Dads show up. Or better yet, maybe we'll just go ride go karts and eat pizza....


@gt0163c: Sounds like you need to watch Kindergarten Cop to prepare for your time with the younger students....3

I'm working and prep'ing the house for a new roof....


@kamikazeken: Right, like so many men know how to do women's hair or hair at all.


Working in the yard. At 95 degrees and at least that much humidity, it'll be crazy to be out there.


I'm pretty sure this boot camp isn't really about teaching the fathers to do their daughter's hair. And I seriously doubt your wife will expect you to do your daughter's hair starting Monday. It's more like an opportunity for some dad-daughter time.

For the life of me, I can't see a father willingly signing his daughter and himself up for this. I think most fathers would find other ways to spend time with their daughters. I can definitely see the wife signing them up for it so she thinks there's value in it for you two or she just wants you guys out of the house. It's possible that it's an opportunity to for the two to spend dad-daughter time in the context of girl-related things.


Evans Blue concert tomorrow night.
Maybe Spiderman Sunday. About it.


Nothing real crazy this weekend -- actually a more relaxed one for a change.
- My dad is re-siding his house -- he asked for help. That will take care of most of Saturday probably.
- Fiance and I still need to finish going over what we need to rent for the wedding and have that list all prepared so we can go over there on Monday.
- Few odds and ends type of things -- need to pickup up some more electrical supplies to fix the mess that the previous homeowners left me...


We're hosting the monthly geriatric margarita-fueled Twister games this weekend. You are all invited!


I have the entire weekend off! Last time this happened was over a year ago. Olympics tonight, clean and Olympics tomorrow, maybe BBQ, then closing ceremonies on Sunday.


This is the first weekend I haven't had to be somewhere at a scheduled time in months so I'm trying not to make plans. And like @conanthelibrarian, catch some more Olympics.