questionsbest magnetic knife rack?


I looked for them at lots of stores and the only one I could find it at was Bed Bath and Beyond. Only after I bought it did I realize that I didn't really have anywhere good to put it. The place I did put it didn't really have enough space between the counter and cabinet so that the knives barely fit.


From another knife advice thread ( @chaosamoeba pointed out these MAG-BLOKs because their wood surface is less likely to ding the knife edges:

I think the wood finish is less harsh or warmer for a home setting, too. Unless of course your kitchen is geared to the metal-finish commercial look of course.


@afurball: Nice, I like those. And they are made of rare earth magnets too...

I think I will take the plunge... just gotta pick a color.


I have a couple of those - i actually use them a bit off label. I mounted them beneath my cabinets (so the knives are horizontal with the countertop). Didn't want to waste the space with a block, didn't want to deal with drilling into the tile backsplash (not that i'd have the room anyway). Works well, I use two of them right next to eachother (|| not --) for a little extra hold, just in case...

I hold a 10" chef knife, 8" bread knife, 8" slicer, 4" utility knife, and a pair of shears. Works well.


@dcalotta: That's a really good way to use underutilized space. I had thought about using the side of a cabinet but mounting underneath would actually let me keep the knives in about the same location as today - and close to the cutting board. And it wouldn't require a sink reach-over to get to the side of the cabinet.

Don't know about you but that's how many of my kitchen disputes start, when we both need the space in front of the sink.


i bought my magnet strips at ikea. they were easy to install and look great! i hang knives, a grater, wine key, scissors, metal clips (to hold bags closed). all easy to access and fun :)


I'm not sure what brand mine is, but any one would be great, I think. I bought mine to use un-used space, and for health reasons. Someone told me that a knife block, if you insert your knives with any moisture on them at all, can harbor mold. Maybe, maybe not, but it kind of makes sense. I really like the idea of installing it vertically. I even keep my metal pizza cutter on it. They have unbelievable strength - I worry about my dental fillings when I get too close ;-) Big fan, obviously.


@josefresno: I use the benchcrafted ones as well. The wood styling is gorgeous and the 18" ones hold a healthy number of knives. Easy to clean. Easy to install.


We've been using magnetic knife holders for about six years now.

If you have room, the best method is horizontal on a wall. The knives go on easy, stay put, stay out of your way, and are easy to retrieve.

Unfortunately, that is the least likely available space.

Mounted vertical on a wall/side of cabinet will work, but the magnets aren't strong enough (in the three different models we've had) to hold the knives horizontally...the handles will pull down so that all the knives are at about a 45 degree angle.

Mounted flat under an overhanging cabinet frees up a lot of space. With this method though, the handles have to be accessible so they are either sticking out in front of the cabinet or you have to build down a platform to lower the magnetic strip enough to get your hands on the knives easily, which then reduces your work area underneath the mount. We used this mount for the longest, but accidentally knocking knives off was a constant problem.

Well, great, I'm running out of



One thing to keep in mind is that the more knives you put on the strip, the less powerful the magnetic hold on each. I have no idea why this works like it does (maybe a physics person can chime in?), but we clearly noticed a difference.

The first time we accidentally knocked a knife handle on the mount under the cabinet, it was loaded with knives and the knock was enough to cause all except the paring knife to clatter onto the counter. Except the bread knife which clattered onto the toaster hard enough to bend a lot of the serrations and be a huge problem.

We've never used those Benchcraft wood models. They look great, but I'd be worried about the magnetic strength being even further reduced by the intervening wood. Reviews are mostly positive though.

Our favorite was the MIU. Nothing was great about it, but it worked well enough.

When you put your knives on, snap the back of the knife to the magnet first and then rotate the blade flat.


@twowoot: Thanks, very helpful. It is funny how a simple magnetic bar can be so complex....


When I moved, my magnetic knife strip no longer had an accessible place -- so instead I got some of the rare earth magnets and hang each knife independently on the side of my refrigerator. My chef's knife has two magnets on it (b/c of its weight & size) -- have to put the magnets up closer to the tip b/c the handle width holds the base of the blade away from the frig.

Warning note -- we have no small children or elderly adults in the house. So we don't worry about children finding (and eating) the small disc magnets nor are concerned about an elderly person inadvertantly losing their grip pulling the knife off of the frig (a friend of mine's mother lost her grip pulling a knife off of her magnetic knife bar and dropped it on her foot - not good, many stitches & much blood).


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