questionsare there any real usb powered fridges?


I'm not so sure it's possible on USB power to do anything more than that. A true compressor and Freon setup would require much larger size and power.


@thefenst: this is a heatsink/fan, not a fridge.

I also have a power strip available but I can't quite have a mini fridge in my cube, but a Micro fridge like that I could hide behind my monitors or something.


I have the USB fridge that @thefenst posted.

Does it work? Sure

When I get to work in the morning, I put in a cold can of soda. By lunch time, it's still quite cool. By 2 or 3pm its getting warmer, and by the afternoon, it's cool, but not "cold".

If you put a warm soda into it, after about a day, it will be "cool", but not cold.

It's more designed to keep things cooler than if you just set a soda on your desk.


You could try to MacGuyver something out of a Peltier junction, but I'm not sure it would work well enough for something like milk that can spoil.

Incidentally, a heatsink+fan can't cool anything below ambient temperature; it would actually make your milk warm up quicker. So the thinkgeek fridge either has some other kind of cooling element in it, or it's just a decorative insulator.


@stipo: Are you sure that unit is just a heat sink and a fan? If what @bogie21 says is right, it must have a thermoelectric cooler in it (i.e. a Peltier junction).


The think geek fridge is designed to KEEP things cool, not cool them down. The heatsink/fan WILL keep it cool but it will not cool it down.

I'm not a physicist so I don't know the physics behind it but I looked into this model on amazon and reviewers said that's how they work. (and that they are basically a fan / heatsink)


I took some pictures of the bottom and the side. It's still running so you can't see the fan blades. But, you get the idea of what's inside.

More of a proof picture. And it shows the metal that it sits on.

Front bottom

Bottom of the unit

I'd say @stipo 's statement is accurate. It is designed to keep things cold, not cool them down.

I couldn't think of the correct term, heatsink... It's not Peltier.


Think your best bet would be something like this.


Mind you there's dozens of others but those were the first two i saw with reviews. Their small enough to put behind or beside a monitor. Though I think how well they work is hit or miss. Can't vouch for any of these.


Sorry if I'm just beating a dead horse here, but a heatsink & fan will NOT keep something cool. A heatsink & fan will keep the temperature of an object close to ambient temperature. So they cool off hot things, but they heat up cold things.
It looks like the heatsink and fan on the thinkgeek fridge are cooling the hot part of a Peltier junction. It just isn't powerful enough to really keep things cold.
Like trinnic said, USB ports just can't source enough power for what you want.


USB delivers 5v, and half an amp. That's not enough to do much, in terms of cooling. Moving around heat is hard, and it takes a lot of energy.

Your best bet is probably a wall-plug fridge using either Peltier junctions (no moving parts, should be silent) or a compressor+radiator combination (like a normal fridge).

Nothing USB will have the power that you need.


Forget the refrigerator, and just get some no-refrigeration-required single-serve coffee creamers, like these -

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