questionswhat's with all the panties?


You can say the same thing about almost anything.

So many DVDs, T-shirts, vacuum cleaners, memory sticks, hard drives, kindle books, android apps, etc.

Why not let the people post the deals and let the users of the sites decide what deals they wish to participate in? I wouldn't exclude anything. In fact, I wish you could add deals for guns and ammo and other things too but woot doesn't allow those.


I can't be the only one that thought of this when I saw this question, right?


What is perverted about women's underwear? It's considered "pervy" to go Commando. A girl can't win for losing around here.

The advanced search menu allows you to screen anything you choose not to view, be it lemons, light sabers, or lingerie. Set your parameters in the search and bookmark it for future use. You will be spared (for the most part) of viewing those items you've screened.

This subject has been batted back & forth at length over the past few years. If you are interested, do a search on the Community side for the discussions and other solutions offered.

In the mean time, I am a woman, and as one who likes to feel beautiful in lingerie, I appreciate seeing deals on underduds. Lingerie in general is quite overpriced. I like finding the deals here for my frills & lace. It allows me to put the extra money towards other things like bullets and dinner out with my husband.


64x64 pixel images are pervy? Then, ignore them.


Seriously? Is this a serious question?


We don't really need bacon from this site (I also have a grocer,) or crab paraphernalia, and I can't think of the last time I tried to buy products with black triangles on them, but they all seem to do reasonably well here. Maybe you're taking this too seriously?


Watch out... The ocheri posse is gunna git ya


It is quite easy to ignore a thumbnail. And even easier to just not click on it. These aren't even "perverted" anyway. Do you go down to the beach or water-park and call every woman there perverted for wearing a swimsuit? 'Cause honestly a normal swimsuit is more revealing than MOST lingerie deals posted here.


I like how your question brought up all of the "related deals" and ads dealing with lingerie on the right hand side.....


If you haven't been here long enough to have read the gazillion answers to pretty much the same question over the last couple of years, do a search to find out the general consensus here: the panties, lingerie, and swimsuit deals are just fine with most of us.

As others have already said, if you don't like them, don't look at them.


@eraten: Easy to not click on 'em? I didn't even know it was POSSIBLE to not click on 'em!


being an unattached male...I skip over them....I wouldn't know if it is a "deal" or not.

vote-for9vote-against Has some discussions on the topic.

I'm sorry this upsets you! Have you tried "drowning them out" by posting a nice variety of deals you'd like to see? I always advocate change by example, since this is a community driven site. :)


Wow. Didn't realize I came off as a 'hater'. Not my intention by any means. I just noticed more than usual and was wondering if folks got value from these (I don't, but don't object to them being there).

Nice to see such 'passion' on the board though. Next time I'll add more emoticons, I guess :)


The probably comes when you imply that the only reason those are posted here is because we're all a bunch of perverts. No amount of emoticons will hide that accusation.

EDIT: :)


@acraigl: It's a hot button topic. There does seem to be more lingerie deals than you would expect to see post Valentine's day, though.


@dreamyvelvet: Luckily for me people buy lingerie every day of the year :-)


Well, yeah! Memorial Day is coming up!
It's time for the ladies to change their fashion arsenal.
Gotta get out of all them woolies and get into some light and lacies!

But seriously, a lot of stuff is seasonal. All that crab stuff? Valentine's Day stuff? April Fools stuff? Most of it is over in a week. End of the year there's a few weeks that we get inundated with cheap toys, ugly knick knacks, useless tools and wtf appurtenances. It happens. Get over it.
And if you don't like it don't click it. Still don't like it? Filter it. STILL don't like it when you think all those nasty thoughts of other people maybe clicking on it? Too bad. Get over it.

And @lavikinga: I'm an old guy. I remember when women "going commando" was considered a normal and natural thing, a clean and hygienic way of being. I remember watching a Danny Kaye movie, he's introduced to a cute young woman, and in her introductory description it's mentioned that she doesn't wear underwear. Now shaved is normal, so ...


@gidgaf: As the kids say these days: Youtube or it didn't happen. WOW, this is an old comment to respond to. I always wondered if any one ever goes back and reads these things.